Published on July 17, 2019 in News

Slowly, more and more is known about the requirements and rules to which casinos in the Australia will have to meet soon. It has now been announced that a legalization of the online gambling offer will come. However, the lower regulations for the assumed gambling remote games must still be worked out. We keep an eye on the official government communication channels or news is known about the subject. This was the case last week.

Various guidance councils were published on the website of the gambling authority. Among other things, the duty of care and the prevention of money laundering were discussed. They have to meet the requirements and rules that legal gambling providers in our country already have to meet. In recent publication, it was also clear that online casinos should meet the same requirements in the future.

Also, there was also ahead to the application for the on-hand online gambling permit. The gambling authority reports that this license can only be obtained after a minimum of two years of offer aimed at the Australia.

What is Australia online gambling offer?

During the debate that ultimately led to the assumption of the Remote Gambling Act With which online gambling will be legally legally in the Australia. The minister was asked how he intended to reclaim providers on the Australia market that have not been respected the rules of the Gaming Authority until now. The current situation is that Australia people are more or less tolerated to use the offer that exists online. But it is not permitted for these providers to focus directly on the Australia. The answer given to this question was that the minister would look at the possibility of introducing a so-called cooling down period. A period of two years, for the actual legalization, where no violation was allowed to commit.

There are a number of rules that may not be violated:

  • No website with the .nl extension
  • Use Australia language on website
  • Offer means of payment that are used exclusively or largely by Australia people
  • Advertising focused on the Australia market
  • Typically to the Australia Referinary concepts in domain name
  • Features from which aims to the Australia can be deduced by website

Casinos that are currently active on the internet that may not violate the above rules. Establishes the gambling authority that one of the violations has been committed during the last two years. Then the chance of a License for legally online gambling available in our country.

Bad news for casinos with a recent fine

On this website we have also mentioned a fine layback on this website by the gambling authority. Online casinos often established abroad have been imposed for violating the rules mentioned above. Even some of the largest names in the world of online gambling have received recent fines.

What does the news of the two-year cooling period mean for them?

This remains a bit unclear. This is because it will take a year and a half before the legalization is actually entered. The planning is now that the first applications for an online gambling permit can be submitted in June of next year. It will then probably take until January 1, 2022 before the applications were assessed and gambling providers may actually be active.

When the two-year period then discussed. Is that January 1, 2019 or June 2018? We do not know and the KSA is not clear to this in their news item. If the first scenario is true, it only means bad news for providers that have been fined in the last 6 months.