Published on December 24, 2018 in News

In the last month of the year, the gambling authority passes cheerfully with handing out fines to online casinos. This time the famous British bookmaker and Casino provider William Hill is your turn. The company behind the website, WHG International Ltd, has been fined 300,000 euros due to offering games of chance to Australia consumers. The company is therefore the third highly respected name in the world of online gambling that should pay a fine. Previously The companies behind the Mr Green and Betsson Casino Also had to deal with such fines. For clarity. These are not an illegal providers of games of chance on the internet. They have highly regarded and reliable licenses from Malta, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. Where William Hill is accused of, we will try to make it clear in this news item.

Indictment of the gambling authority

For the average Australia person who has little acquisition of the Legislation and regulations regarding online gambling, it will be difficult to understand why the casino providers have fines imposed. In the next news item we will therefore try to explain this in simple language. Please note that by avoiding as many intricate legal terms as possible, our explanation starts to be quickly and an opinion piece. Our personal opinion will therefore clearly through. The fine of 300,000 euros has therefore not been given because of the illegal offering of games of chance without a license. The most reliable licenses that are available are in possession of these providers. It is also not necessary to obtain a Australia license, because it doesn't exist at all.

The indictment of the gaming authority is therefore that William Hill does not do enough to ward out Australia consumers. For example, they not block IP addresses from the Australia to visit the website. Gamblers from our country can also register an account and select The Australia from a dropdown menu. Then there is also a possibility to deposit money with iDEAL.

Why do the fines change little?

What we have noticed in previous cases is that the penalty layings have had little changed to the situations at the casinos that have received these. This will probably have to deal with the fact that the companies plan to appeal. We have the idea that in that case the casinos also have a good chance of winning. For example, the fines are handed out because the gambling authority is of the opinion that the online casinos should not be moved on the Australia market. But they don't do this either. They are the Australia consumers who come to visit the websites that are indeed Offer legally gambling. Due to the lack of überhaupt the words Online or Internet in the highly outdated law on games of chance, there is also nothing about an obligation to geoblocking in legislation. The objection to offering iDeal is also strange, because in a lawsuit fought to the Council of State is the Gaming authority unsuccessful Regarding their opinion that offering iDEAL as a payment method falls under the illegal promotion of games of chance to Australia people.

Consequences for Australia Casino License

Where the providers who have now received a fine have mainly been fearing is that it will have an impact on obtaining a Australia casino license. William Hill, Mr Green and Betsson will undoubtedly appeal to the penalty laying. However, where the lawsuit will take place is the question. The casinos will undoubtedly want to fight this for a court of the European Union. The EU has had the Australia on the fingers several times over the absence of clear legislation and regulations on online gambling. If the Casino License finally entered in the Australia, the companies may be excluded to apply for their active legal cases. Whether this will actually happen is just the question. In the current pace of politics in the Australia, this can still take an extra 10 years. This also seems to be one of the motives that many providers do not attract any more of the threat of fines by the canal authority.