Published on May 28, 2016 in News

The moment the summer has arrived again everyone is getting a bit happier again. The first sun rays of the year do a winter depression literally when snow disappears in the sun. We are happy to rejoice on the coming summer vacation and become more generous. For example, when you sit comfortably in the sun on a terrace we will be more likely to give away a round. Also Orange Casino Has the summer in his sphere and has therefore become very generous. This appears from the Summer Cash Splash action that runs from 27 May to 9 June. 1000 euro cash is given to a happy player on one of the Australia live roulette tables from the casino every day.

1000 euro holiday pay with this unique promotion

The Summer Cash Splash promotion from Oranje Casino is really unique. We have never encountered such an offer before Nederlands casino And therefore you can certainly not leave left. The 1000 euros on additional holiday pay that you can win is no bonus money but really cash money that you can immediately pay out to your bank account. This money is of course nicely taken so just before the summer and allows you to make a great holiday trip. Use this great promotion and Create an account at Oranje Casino When you don't have it yet.

How does the Summer Cash Splash work?

Clamping the 1000 euro prize money that is given daily at Oranje Casino is very simple. The only thing you have to do for this is to place a bet of at least 5 euros on one of the live roulette games with Australia dealers. Every time such a minimum bet is placed, you are qualified for the prize deduction of that day where a new winner will be announced. This process themselves two weeks every day from Friday 27 May to Thursday 9 June. The cash amount of AU$ 1000 is immediately credited to your balance sheet without the insert requirement and is therefore available for payout.