Published on April 17, 2019 in News

The 2018 annual report was published by Holland Casino at the end of last week. Positive figures are generally announced in this. For example, in the report can be read that gross turnover has increased by 2.7% and now over 656 million euros is. The number of visitors has dropped something, but opposite that the average spending per visit has risen. A visitor to the casino gambles an average of 114 euros to gambling. This is 4.6% more than the previous year. The net profit has fallen sharply. However, the decrease was to be expected, because in 2017 the company has been paid a large amount of insurance after burning off the branch in Groningen.

In the announcement of the annual report, the plans for the coming year are always discussed. The CEO of Holland Casino reported that the company is primarily planning to attract younger visitors.

More Experience Zones in the Australia

CEO Erwin van Lamboraart from Holland Casino, among other things, announced the plan to make more experience zones in the Australia. This special zone in which Starting players get gambling, was established last year in the renovated branch in Utrecht. The idea behind the Experience Zone was to attract young people in particular. Due to the relaxed way in which people can learn the different games of chance, this also succeeded. The CEO reports that casinos from all over Europe in Utrecht have come to see how the concept is put into practice. You can also take a look at the Experience Zone via the video’s that we have placed on our website earlier. The success in accomplishing the objective now also ensures that there are plans in 2019 to expand the number of experiectence zones. Holland Casino Scheveningen is one of the lucky branches anyway. In addition, the objective is to open two extra zones in the country this year.

Development of online casino website

With the opening of another three experiectence zones in various locations, Holland Casino hopes to attract several young people this year. In 2019, however, will also be further worked on the future plans to continue the growth under this target group the following years. In this way, last week also announced that the development of an online casino website will be started again. Holland Casino does this in collaboration with Playtech. More than 5 years ago they were already started with the development of a casino site. However, because it has taken so long before it Legal gambling in the Australia online The 3.8 million euros in costs of that project has yielded a loss of loss. The platform that was developed at that time has now become strongly outdated and unusable. Holland Casino therefore again issues at least 2 million euros to develop a website that meets the latest standards. We are curious where the company will come and whether the website is good enough to stand on our list of best Australia casinos. We will write a fair review about it in due course.