Published on 8 June 2018 in News

Today a nice message appeared in the news that we become enthusiastic as avoidous gamblers. In some Limburg newspapers it is reported that there are plans for a large hotel with casino along the A2 motorway in the southernmost province of our country. It must be one, for Australia concepts, immense 4-star hotel with 110 rooms, a restaurant with world cuisine and a casino on the ground floor. It reminds us of a kind of mini Las Vegas where you can drive by car. We do not yet know a similar concept in the Australia, although Holland Casino has similar plans with some of their branches. More about the plans for the hotel and casino in the Limburg place really and you read about this in the next news item.

Hotel, restaurant a casino

The plans for the hotel in the style of a Las Vegas Casino are special for the Australia. The destination for the ground next to the best known highway in the country has been there for a long time. It was previously the intention that the HotelConcern van der Valk would open a branch here. However, here is ultimately apart, because the location is located too close to existing branches. Now there are new plans from a group of investors who all have set up several major projects in the Australia. The people also all have their own specialty. The planning is to make a four-star hotel that will count no less than 110 rooms. On the first floor of the building a restaurant will come with world cuisine. The surface that is reserved for this has a total of 1500 square meters. According to the plans, a casino will come on the ground floor with an area of ​​1200 square meters. With this it would also be one of the largest casinos in the Australia. It has been agreed that the company will take a novomatic to ensure the slot machines that come in the casino. This developer also delivers games to some of The best online casinos.

Easily accessible for many people

The location for the hotel and casino in the province of Limburg offers a lot of perspective to attract many customers. By being located at an exit from the A2 motorway at the town, the accessibility is very favorable for a large group of people. The Australia residents in the south of the country can arrive at the location via the highway in a short time. In addition, the hotel is also located on the border with Belgium. There is a border crossing at the Belgian town of Maaseik. Belging can therefore also easily come to the casino via the highway. As if this is not enough, Germans can easily reach the hotel / casino close to the border with Limburg. Enough potential to make a success of the plans. Perhaps the hope is that in the planned legislative change for releasing the casino market there is also a license Live dealer games of chance Acquired can be passed through the company. In that case, it will probably be more people willing to stay at the hotel for a few days while they can eat well and can take a gamble.