Published on October 27, 2022 in News

Are you looking for a great new slot machine to play? Exactly a week ago Microgaming has appeared online with Tarzan. This game has the official License of Tarzan.

One of the newest slots from Microgaming is Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar. This game is not only made by Microgaming. The game is a collaboration with Gamburger studio. This one New software supplier Have worked hard to impress immediately. Of course they do this with no less than Tarzan as hero of the new slot machine.

The new slot machine is official under the Microgaming License released. As an independent game studio, they have developed this new game. But now it is first high time to really get to know this new game! We decided to test the game.

Make a chance of 5000 times your commitment!

Tarzan is of course a great theme to play. But with this game you also have a chance to win at 5,000 times your commitment. Garland to the Lianen through the jungle and look for the jewelry of Opar.

Collect the jewelry together with Tarzan and win your commitment to a maximum of 5,000 times. The slot machine has 20 different paylines on which you can bet money. The slot machine has an RTP of 96.3%. This means that there is enough to win outside this adventure.

The gameplay and graphics are really worked out until the details. You can immediately see what this new small game studio has in its march. This is a slot machine where we as a player will still enjoy it in the coming years!

Nice bonuses with Tarzan in the lead role

The slot machine is packed with nice bonuses in which Tarzan naturally plays a leading role. There is the random wild feature that you can activate. Tarzan winds over the rollers and leaves randomly wild symbols.

The wild symbols immediately replace the other symbols in the game. You can suddenly get multiple wild symbols from Tarzan. This is of course very nice.

Or what do you think of the Free Spins Feature? With three scatter symbols you act a kind of radius of fortune. Turn directly to the wheel to see how many spins you have won. These are at least 10 and a maximum of 30. You not only run the free spins, but also a multiplier. The winning combinations during the Free Spins can be doubled up to 10 times!

Unique collaboration between Microgaming and Edgar Rice Burroughs

The slot machine itself is based on the fifth Tarzan book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is not the first time that Microgaming is a Tarzan slot machine Off. They already used this once only in collaboration with another Gamestudio.

The first slot machine that they spent received nicely the name Tarzan! This time they take it even bigger by a complete book to conjure into a slot machine. Thanks to an exclusive deal, Microgaming can even release Tarzan slots as the only software supplier in the world.

As a player, we can again enjoy Tarzan's adventures again! Secretly remain fascinating the stories of Tarzan. This makes it extra fun to play the games.