Published on January 25, 2022 in News

In February, China naturally handles the Chinese New Year. Because more and more Chinese discover the secret online gambling, Play 'n Go here specially for this. In the run-up to the Chinese New Year they come with the Bull in a China Shop gokkast.

You may wonder what this game has to do with the Chinese New Year? 2022 is the year of the Bull in Chinese New Year. In other words, the year of the OS. PLAY 'N GO has built a complete slot around it especially for this new year.

In addition to a theme that fully matches the Chinese New Year, the game looks beautiful. Play 'n Go has really unpacked With beautiful 3D graphics. The slot machine therefore looks well cared for and is played on a 5 × 3 playing field.

Beautiful Chinese vases including a wild bull

Once the game starts, we immediately become happy of the background music. A bull is immediately running through the screen and he breaks a few vases. To you the task of saving as many vases as possible by making winning combinations with it.

At the bottom of the slot you easily introduce how much money you are going to bet. The minimum bet is AU$ 0.10 per spin and the maximum bet is AU$ 100. If you have selected a bet you click on the large button to really start the game.

It's all about the wild bull

Ultimately it is all about the wild bull in this game. He can suddenly appear and bull the porcelain shop. An old shop owner is immediately screaming when seeing the bull.

The bull turns several vases immediately and he makes wild symbols. He also gives away a beautiful multiplier. You can thus a winning combination directly cash in a nice amount of money. As soon as you are spinning, you actually wait for one thing and that is the wild bull!

Patience is rewarded with this slot machine

Of course we have caught our chance and tested this original slot machine. In the beginning we were a bit tired of this slot machine. After dozens of spins we only saw money from disappearing. But then our patience was suddenly rewarded. Several times in succession we won the bull that managed to make a huge gang of it and gave us a lot of money.

It is really the case with this slot that you need patience. The slot machine can be enormous, but if you continue to keep you suddenly win large amounts of money. Just make sure that you have sufficient budget to continue playing.

Play 'n Go has become proud of the result

Play 'n Go itself is extremely proud of the end result. The company says that the Asian market is getting bigger. It is then nice if the gaming offer also connects a bit. In addition, Play 'n Go hopes that this will finally be a great year. With this new slot, they will at least start well.

Are you curious if Bull in A China Shop will be your favorite? From this week he is in almost all Play ’n Go online casino’s to play. So you can test the game from now on!