Published on October 2, 2022 in News

One of the nicest games from the play 'n Go collection has been given a follow-up. The RetentionZ 2 Slot was officially released on 1 October. It is the successor on one of the Dear slots That Play 'N Go ever built ReatonZ!

The first part was released in 2017 and was immediately a great success for Play 'n Go. Secretly this game was even given the major breakthrough for the company. In a number of top lists of best slots allert times this game has even ended up in the top 10. Of course we are therefore curious about part 2.

But we are actually waiting for a successor to the most Successful game from Play 'n Go? In fact, we secretly really like that this game will get a successor. The first part has made impression and we are very curious what part 2 will do.

Director John Törnqvist is happy with the release of part 2

The director has officially let you know to be happy with the release of part 2. In the release of the first part, the company had never expected that the game would bring about so much. The recent period during the brainstorm sessions is therefore decided to give the game a worthy successor.

It seems that Play 'n Go will release even more of these successors in the coming months. This year, Golden Ticket and Troll Hunter also gets a successor. The release of a second part for slots seems to be a new price of the company.

The director indicates that they hope with a follow-up that players are more often choosing play for play. Players return because there happened to be a new release from their favorite slot. With this line of thought they try to get players warm to choose their games more often.

Is ReatonZ 2 really a worthy successor?

Actoonz 2 is actually a copy of his predecessor. Many elements that we have played with great pleasure to return to this. But new elements have also been added to the game. This makes the game secretly chaotic again.

For example, you can now go up with special meters a level within the slot machine. Every time you go up a level you get new bonuses. For example, if you end up in Level 2 you will get an energy game of 2 × 2. Are you coming in Level 3? Then you activate a special Gargantoon symbol of 3 × 3. You can make extra large winning combinations on RetentionZ 2.

The level system that they have devised makes this game a worthy successor. It ensures that it is difficult to win even more. With a Return to Player Percentage of 96.2%, this game has it perfectly for each other!

Start playing today!

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