Published on October 15, 2019 in News

The last three news items on our website were about betting on sports and in particular football matches. Today we will stick to this subject, but just something else. In England, commotion was created about a player of the national team. Young talent James Maddison reported last week for the upcoming interland period in which it is played for qualifying the European Championship in 2022. The reason was that he felt sick. As a horror of the nation, the match against the Czech Republic was lost last Friday 2-1. The English population was not amused and the players of the Three Lions got a lot of criticism. However, most criticism is aimed at that one absent player, because the sick James Maddison is on the evening that his teammates fought for a victory in Prague, namely spotted while gambling in a casino.

Response from national coach Southgate

After leaving that the sickly reported player of the English national team on the evening of the game has been put in a casino, the national coach is of course asked by the press for a response. Gareth Southgate has made his dissatisfaction clear to them. However, the reaction also shows a bit that the coach itself once has been a young soccer player. He reported to the press that James Maddison will have learned his lesson. Soccer balls for the national team is different from playing for a club from the Premier League. When it goes wrong with the first team, players get a whole nation over him. The coming week will enter into a conversation with the young talent to discuss the incident.

First qualification defeat in 10 years

The midfielder who plays for Leicester has also had bad luck on the day he thought unnoticed to venture into a casino, the national team of England their first qualification defeated in no less than 10 years. The last time the Three Lions lost in a qualifying series for a final tournament was in 2009. When won, then there would probably have been a scandal at all. If the player had been present in Prague, this would have made little difference. He still has to make his debut for the national team and it is doubt that this would happen on this evening. However, when football fans are dissatisfied, then a scapegoat must be sought and report sick and then gambling in a casino naturally does not come from a lot of patrons.

Player could have gambled in online casino

It is of course a very stupid decision of the young James Maddison to gamble in a casino that evening. The player had better chosen in an online casino a gamble. In the United Kingdom, both offline and Online casinos legally. If he had made the last choice, then he had just been able to play his blackjack or roulette at home. No one had seen him and there had been no indignation. From now on thinking better. It is hoped that the young man has under control his gowning behavior. With the salaries who earn players in the Premier League, he can leave a lot of millions in the casino as he is addicted to gambling.