Published on April 9, 2022 in News

The Mega Fortune of software supplier Netent has fallen today. The jackpot went in the air and had risen to an amount of AU$ 3.7 million. It is not officially not a record, but certainly we know worth winning.

Today it was announced that a player managed to win the jackpot on April 3. This is therefore happening a few days ago. The player played through a Mobile casino. With a commitment of only AU$ 3.75 he managed to catch the jackpot in one go.

The player said he woke up in the morning and felt like a gamble. He had no one to pick up the computer so he grabbed his phone. He attempted Mega Fortune and it was quite fast.

The player indicates that it actually went well. In one another he managed to win an amount and he was already profited. He therefore decided to raise his commitment to AU$ 3.75. He achieved the extra commitment from the profit he had made. With success because after one twist with AU$ 3.75 he won the jackpot.

Mega Fortune is a progressive jackpot

For players who are not familiar with Mega Fortune. This is an online slot machine. The game is equipped with a so-called progressive jackpot. This means that there is a part to the jackpot from every bet. The jackpot can fall at any time.

At Mega Fortune there is a kind of free garden built-in. You can activate this wheel at any time. There are 4 different jackpots. The three jackpots are from the casino itself. The progressive jackpot is linked to all online casinos where you can play this game. This allows the jackpot to rise quite high.

If you get the wheel you will always win a Jackpot. Millions can sit in the large jackpot. But this actually differs at a time. In the beginning the jackpot is often low. If you win a small jackpot then you sometimes win AU$ 100. Yet it is nice to win these types of amounts extra.

Record is at AU$ 17.8 million

Incidentally, the AU$ 3.7 million at Mega Fortune cannot be called a record. On January 20, 2013, a fin won the amount of AU$ 17,860,866 million. This is the record for Mega Fortune. After this the jackpot has never been so close. The highest amount below that was won is AU$ 8.5 million in 2015.

On average, the Jackpot of Mega Fortune falls every 10 weeks. The last large amount that was won was another 20 weeks ago. A player then won AU$ 4.1 million at Mega Fortune.

On average, the jackpot falls around AU$ 4 million at Mega Fortune. Incidentally, you shouldn't think that you can now win a Jackpot more. The lowest payout was a fast jackpot. The jackpot then fell at AU$ 657,000. It is therefore just that the new jackpot falls fairly quickly with this NetEnt slot machine.