Published on April 2, 2022 in News

In addition to Evolution Gaming, Playtech is of course the Main software supplier For the live casino. Until now, almost all games are played from a studio in Riga, Latvia. But change will come into this from now. Playtech now opened his first studio in the state of Michigan.

Just like the Australia, America is busy legalizing gambling. Only this is not regulated nationally as in the Australia. Online gambling is legalized per state. As a result, it can take years before online gambling in America is legal everywhere.

One of the first states that players can legally gamble online is the state of Michigan. Playtech decides to play here immediately by building a studio here. That way there can be from now Live casino games be played from Michigan.

Play live roulette from a beautiful studio

Playtech understands no other that the American market works just another than we are used to in the Australia. They know that Americans deserve a special treatment. They don't want to gamble live in a European Online Casino.

That is why they decided to build a studio in Michigan. We must admit that it is certainly not the first to be the best studio. This studio has a beautiful view of Michigan in the background. You would almost be distracted if you are going to bet money on the roulette wheel.

The Americans will soon play live from their own country with their own live dealers. Because it is really focused on the American market, the question is whether we will also see these studios in the Australia. It would finally be cool for us to American Roulette Live to play from America.

The best live experience for America

Playtech has since built such a beautiful studio for live roulette, blackjack and baccarat. These will soon be the first games that are streamed by Playtech from America. This way the Americans are presented with their own live casino experience.

On the website, Playtech himself shows that they set their best to put a unique experience for the Americans. They want to conquer the American market in a way as evolution gaming has done this in Europe. With this beautiful studio they even hope to be competition a step.

Yet Playtech is really not the only software supplier that will stream from America soon. It has long been announced that Evolution Gaming has concluded a contract in Atlanta. Americans could play live in a casino in Atalanta.

Extra employment in Michigan

According to Playtech, it is also good news for Americans that a live casino is now opened in Michigan. The new live casino would provide more employment. This can certainly use the state by the current economic situation.

For our Australia people it is primarily hoping that we will once can also play in this live studio. But for now it seems to be especially for American live casinos. Until then we are happy to choose more than enough in the European online casinos.