Published on November 10, 2017 in News

In October many listed companies come with their quarterly figures to inform the shareholders how things go. Many online casinos are also listed. Releasing these figures also gives us a look into how the online gambles providers do it. For example, we know that Mr Green does very well in 2017. More and more players can find their way to the online casino and let the turnover of the company rise. This is not really like a surprise for us because in Our Review of the CasinoWe have already found that Mr Green is certainly one of the best provider of games of chance online. We regularly report on running promotions. Giving away so many benefits indicates that it is good with the popularity and turnover of Mr Green.

28.4 percent turnover increase 3rd quarter

In the quarterly figures of Mr Green, who were brought out at the end of October, some interesting increases can be seen. For example, in the third quarter of 2017, turnover increased by 28.4 percent compared to the same quarter in 2016. It was also interesting that the number of players increased by an additional 12,000 in a year and now is 128,747. The figures are well and investors at the Swedish scholarship, where Mr Green, then responded to this news. The share of the company has shown an increase of 2.5 percent after the announcement of the quarterly figures. The positive figures also promise a lot of good for the gamblers at the online casino. After all, you know if you create an account here you gamble at one Legal Casino What it goes well. This will mean more bonuses and other benefits that you can use as a gambler.

Comments from CEO and Future Plans

The CEO of Mr Green, per Norman, also responds to the results of the online casino. In a response, he reports that the pre-assembled expectations were surpassed by 20 percent and that this is a trend that has now reached four quarters in succession. Also expected by Norman that the fourth quarter of 2017 will come even better results. In the last months of the year, the provider has planned several changes that gamblers will certainly appreciate. For example, the sports betting will be improved, a new bingo game will be launched and the casino will introduce a loyalty program. Mr Green is hard to get it Best online casino for Australia people to become. If you have not yet created an account at the provider then you should definitely do this.