Published on January 15, 2022 in News

Gambling providers with customers in the United Kingdom look forward to an enforcement political decision on a possible prohibition on Deposit with a credit card at online casinos. The news that has already come out do suggest that there is a good chance that such a prohibition will come. Many politicians, various bodies and a large part of the British population are concerned about the growth in the number of people with a gambling problem in the country. If people become addicted and they can easily come to credit cards to deposit money into the providers of games of chance, then someone can collect huge debts in a short time. A situation against which gambling addicts should be protected as much as possible.

Do not transfer any more with credit card

If the ban will be imposed by British politics, then it will no longer be possible for people in the United Kingdom to deposit money with a Casino or Bookmaker online with a credit card. Depositing with a debit card will still be allowed to understand. The problem that people want to prevent is that people with credit gambling. Or even better that they make debts that they can no longer refund.

Gambling can be extremely addictive. Certainly if you have won something once, you feel the adrenaline flows through your body and that is a feeling that everyone would like to experience again. It is not at all rare that someone else loses control and shocked more than he or she had actually planned in advance. This is not such a big problem if you lose a few hundred euros extra. However, if you have a credit available from the bank and you are going to use that money for this purpose, this can cause major problems.

100,000 GBP debt in two days by gambling

An example that is often cited in the discussion currently being conducted in the United Kingdom is the story of a young woman who has gathered a debt of 100,000 GBP in two days with gambling. The woman had no less than nine credit cards at her disposal and in a single gambling session where she has completely lost control she has emptied it all until the limit. The result is a gambling debt of 100,000 pounds in a period of less than 48 hours.

These situations that want to prevent the proponents of a prohibition. Very likely, really measures are being taken now. According to Insiders, an overwhelis will come to landfills with credit cards at online casinos and bookmakers or there is a strict limit on the number and height of deposits that can be done in a 24-hour period.

If a ban comes, the opportunity is also great that such a ban is also introduced in the Australia when online gambling will finally be legalized in 2022. In Belgium, for example, it is also prohibited to pay with credit cards for games of chance. However, after the introduction of the Australia casino license, it will probably be again Ideal as a deposit option.

Banks are voluntary with precautions

Politics in the United Kingdom previously asked the online games of chance providers or they could come up with measures yourself In order to build the hazards to build such a high debt in a short time. According to many politicians, this is not satisfactory and is now time to impose measures. Incidentally, a number of banks that provide credit cards have taken precautions. For example, Halifax and HSBC now give customers the opportunity to exclude itself from transactions intended for gambling. In addition, HSBC now makes it impossible by default to do two transactions within a 24-hour period.