Published on May 18, 2019 in News

The plans to privatize State Company Holland Casino will definitely not take place. This news has been announced by Minister Dekker of legal protection. The minister would actually come up with a new bill after the first plans were rejected by the Senate. That decision was taken on the same day as the day that the Distance Gambling Act was adopted. This is the law that makes it possible for online casinos to request a license in the Australia. If this possibility is, so it will also be it Legal gambling in the Australia online to be. In the original plans were included to release the entire gambling market in our country at the same time and to sell the 14 branches of the Holland Casino. The latter is not going through now.

Original plans free gambling market

Perhaps you can still remember that in 2016 the House of Representatives can already be agreed with a bill with which the obsolete law on games of chance would be renewed. At that time it was believed that it Legal gambling in 2017 would be. Eventually it all lasted a little longer. What many people also do not know more is that in the original plans the legalization of gambling online and the privatization of the Holland Casino was included in a single bill. This only had to be approved by the senators in the Senate. However, it quickly encountered a lot of resistance. The greatest objection was that politicians did not see so many in the privatization of the state-owned. They still believed sacred in the idealistic reasons why in 1976 the decision was taken to keep the provision of games of chance in the hands of the government.

Majority first chamber against privatize

The reason why the majority of privatizing in the Senate is mainly due to the ideal image that Holland Casino as a state-owned company give their profit to a lower interest than the countering of gambling addictions. Politicians maintain this as a reason why they don't see anything in releasing the gambling market in the Australia. Now that online gambling will certainly be legalized, many people find that so much has already changed that privatization can still wait for itself. However, proponents believe that the provision of games of chance is not a task of the government at all. Moreover, experts also indicate that the protection for gambling addictions in private parties can be checked the same as now with Holland Casino.

In any case, it is now clear that a majority of the Senate is not behind a privatization. Minister Dekker has decided to withdraw the bill and not to change it to continue the proposal.