Published on November 19, 2018 in News

The Australia is one of the latest countries in Europe where there must still be a regulation about gambling via the internet. In the countries surrounding our neighboring countries have long been clear laws and rules where guess providers must adhere to and that gamblers are protected. The possibility of Legal online gambling However, is not only in the Australia in the news in recent months. And the political games that are played are not limited to our country. In Albania, the political game achieves a totally new level. This week a bet was adopted in the country with which a virtually whole prohibition of gambling will take effect from 1 January 2019. According to many people in Albania, however, it is not what it seems.

Details of a new gambling law

To date, gambling is always allowed online and offline in Albania. There are therefore a lot of casinos and gambling halls in the country. The new Gambling Act prescribes that these establishments all have to close their doors from January next year. There is only a single exception to the rule. A casino located in a five-star hotel in the capital can simply remove. However, this is not accessible to most Albanians. There is also a rule that allows to open a casino outside of a residential area, but no provider meets this requirement. Online gambling is also banned in the country. When you live in Albania, you don't have one List of best casinos As on our website where you can choose from. Complaints for games of chance were already prohibited, but this law will be strictly maintained from next year.

Opposition remembers from votes

From 1 January a whole prohibition of gambling ban on gambling in Albania. Or is it perhaps not what it seems? What you should know is that the new Gambling Act was unanimously adopted by Parliament, but this mainly because the entire opposition has remembered votes. They did this from protest against the plans of Prime Minister Edi Rama's sobrophy. This man is responsible for the gambling ban and called the availability of games of chance a great evil. However, Saibrant Detail is that the brother of the Prime Minister, Olsi Rama, one of the owners is from the largest gambling site of Albania. Coincidentally, no prohibition of online gambling was also included in the original bill. The plan was to give the company led by the brother a monopoly position in the country. Only after severe protests the plans have been adjusted and the details of the new law came about. However, the expectation of many Albanians is that the law will never be introduced and that before the end of the year it will certainly be possible to take a gamble at the gambling site where the Minister president and other politicians in direct interests to have.