Published on July 20, 2019 in News

In the Australia, most people are not familiar with the originally Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. This is different on the other side of the North Sea. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it Bet on sports and other events The most normal thing in the world is, one knows Paddy Power as a reliable bookmaker to bet your sports betting. The fame has not only owed the provider to their great Odds on football matches. The company has a job business with which it always managed to reach publicity. This week this has recouped an advertising stunt that has first ensured indignation, but then for great appreciation for the bookmaker.

New shirt sponsor from Huddersfield Town

What has now also become the most normal thing in the world in the United Kingdom is that professional football clubs attract gambling providers as sponsors. It was known that Paddy Power went to the Championship degraded Huddersfield Town last year sponsors that nobody looked at it.

That is at least until there was the presentation of the new club of the club earlier this month. Huddersfield Town is known for the iconic white outfit with light blue vertical stripes. However, the new shirt sponsor Paddy Power had decided to place a diagonal bar about these stripes with the name of the bookmaker in cow letters. The away shirt was even uglier. There was no less than 110 times the name of the sponsor stated.

Outrage at football supporters

Not surprisingly, the reactions to the new tune of the club were not positive. On social media, in television programs and in newspapers, many football supporter made his or her indignation clear about the horrible ugly shirt. It didn't get crazier with those shirt sponsors. The beautiful Iconic Tenue of Huddersfield Town totally ruined in the name of commerce.

That the club management has also been able to accept this. No amount of money is enough to play with such an ugly shirt. The reactions of football supporters worldwide are not alike. The English Football Association also informed at Huddersfield whether they were actually planning to play in this shirt.

Genius stunt to handle problem

Some people who are familiar with Paddy Power already suspected that the shirt presentation could also be an advertising stunt of the bookmaker. They turned out to be right today, because Paddy Power announced after all the fuss that she did not intend to ruin the Huddersfield Town shirt at all. They even as a sponsor intention to support the club by "Unsponsoring" shirt.

Instead of being paid money to place the name of the bookmaker on the shirts, this sponsor wants it to be reduced to the original state for the supporters. Huddersfield Town therefore plays the upcoming season in a home and home shirt without a sponsor. Only the iconic pattern in the colors white and blue and the logo of the club on the chest.

With the stunt, the bookmaker wants to protest against polluting football shirts with company names on it. That all newspapers and football supporters are now talking about the stunt and the bookmaker may also have something to do with it. The fact is that the advertising stunt ultimately receives a lot of appreciation. Supporters from many football clubs appreciate the action and would also like to see the shirts of their beloved clubs once again in the original state.