Published on February 5, 2022 in News

Yggdrasil has developed a unique system for their slots called Gigablox. This new system soon turned out to be a huge success. During the past year, different slots were developed with this system.

It seems that Hades Gigablox and Lucky Neko Gigablox are not the only slots with Gigablox. This mechanism can return later At different slots. Anyone who is affiliated with Yggdrasil can submit a request.

Reflex Gaming is one of the software suppliers who have submitted a request. This week they have announced that the contracts are officially signed. This means that Reflex Gaming can get started with Gigablox!

Reflex Gaming is part of the YG Masters program

The step to produce Gigablox is not even crazy. Reflex Gaming has been his official partner of the YG Masters program since June 2022. Only the best software suppliers may join in this.

Thanks to the YG Masters program, small game studios are given the opportunity to publish their games in all online casinos. For small studios it is difficult to get their games published.

But because they under the Name of Yggdrasil They get their games access to a lot of casinos. Until now, they knew under the flag of yggdrasil to release only one slot machine: Money Moolah.

But this will change now that the Gigablox license is in pocket. Reflex Gaming is now allowed to get started with this system and build its own blox slot. Unfortunately, when the first gigablox is going to come, unfortunately is not yet known!

Reflex Gaming is at least super enthusiastic about obtaining the license. They are convinced that they can release impressive games with this system. They are busy bringing the slots to an even higher level. We are naturally curious what we can expect now.

What are gigablox slots?

Have you never played on a gigablox slot machine before? Then it is high time to visit an online casino and take a look at Yggdrasil. Or look at Lucky Neko Gigablox.

A special mechanism has been built in these slots in which two rollers are linked to each other. As a result, mega symbols can be created on these two rolls. Of course these symbols deliver more money more than you are used to now.

Via Gigablox a symbol can even grow up to 4 × 4 symbols. If you succeed in this you can win a lot of money. We certainly liked a nice addition. But in principle it is not super unique. There are systems that are much more special to play.

Yet we now hope to hear more of Reflex Gaming. This company has so far brought out relatively little. Hopefully the gigablox license gives the boost they need.

Incidentally, it is a nice fact that reflex gaming is from Australia soil. Who knows they can then go later Collaborate with Jack's Casino Or the Holland Casino. Especially if we get the first Australia online casinos in September. It is then nice when we can expect a Gigablox game from Australia soil.