Published on January 31, 2019 in News

Next month, the Australia Senate is again voted again about the introduction of the adapted law on games of chance. There is again a chance that after 13 years of politically degraded legal and regulations for providers of online games of chance in our country. The need for such legislation exists from the results of a study brought out this week by research agency Motivaction. This agency examined the gambling behavior of Australia people on the internet commissioned by Holland Casino. The research shows that in 2018 no less than 1.8 million Australia people gambled online. An increase of 20% compared to previous results from 2016. With a residents number of just over 17 million people, this is more than 1 in 10 Australia people. When the number of adults is only looked at the percentage, the percentage is much higher.

600 million euros turnover from gambling

That a large number of Australia people sometimes take a gamble online will not come as a surprise for many people. If you read this news item on our website, then chances are that you also belong to this group. Moreover, the Australia has a population that has a percentage considering many internet users. It is therefore obvious that they also use the ability to gamble online. This is now also apparent from the research of Motivaction. They report that an estimated 1.8 million Australia people in 2018 gambles in more or less degree via the internet. It is estimated that the so far unregulated online gambling market is good for a turnover of 600 million euros in the past year. Due to the lack of a possibility to apply for a license in the Australia, the government is therefore also a considerable amount of tax revenues.

Sports betting and casino games

The research agency has also investigated what games of games are mostly played by the Australia online. Sports betting are the absolute leaders with 44% of the market share. 39% of the Australia says casinospellen online to play. Sports betting and casino games are by far the most popular. At a large distance, bingo games and poker follow 13% and 5% market share respectively. These games of chance also show little rise compared to the previous years that the same investigation has taken place. It is striking that people who indicate at online casinos play here on average more a year to spend than people who bet bets on sport. Most people seem to have their game behavior under control, because they give an average of 263 euros in a year online.

66% Liefste plays at the provider with a Australia license

A very striking research result is that a large percentage of players prefer to be Legal Casino with Australia License plays. This naturally does not really come as a surprise because everyone naturally wants to have more certainty that their money is safe and that they are offered fair games of chance. A large number of people who gambling online does not know that this market is still not regulated in the Australia. If they are pointed to this and the possibility that a legalization may soon come, then 66% of people indicate that they prefer to play a provider with a Australia license. About the same percentage also indicates that they would change the provider as the casino where they now play do not receive a license when this possibility is.