Published on April 14, 2019 in News

Payments with credit cards to online casinos are in the UK in an evil daylight to be found after a British woman in two days managed to generate a gambling debt of no less than 100,000 pounds. The indignation among politicians about this news was great and many of them found that measures had to be taken. A study has since been started what the best can be done with the Credit card payments to online casinos In UK. From this it has already been stated that the government is indeed possible to prohibit credit card companies to facilitate payments to casinos online. Whether this will actually happen is just the question. If you hear the story of the woman, and how she gently gambled her debt in record time, it would be somewhat understandable.

100,000 GBP debt over 9 credit cards

The story where so much stir occurred in the United Kingdom is about a woman who has an immense debt due to lost betting. No fewer than 100,000 GBP must repay the woman to credit institutions. Particularly the story is not only the amount of the amount, but also in how a short time the debt has arisen. The woman has done it to lose this immense amount in just 2 days. Now it appears that they have used 9 different credit cards for this. All requested in the same period and directly up to the maximum limit to credit. It will be virtually impossible for her to repay the debt. In the meantime, the casinos and bookmakers have already arrived their money.

This is what many people and therefore also a few British politicians have a major problem. They believe that it should not be possible to hit someone in the debts. According to them, it is outrageous that gambling providers have accepted payments with multiple credit cards. After all, this is a clear sign that someone is generating a major debt. This legacy is now talking about the complete prohibition of deposits at online casinos with credit cards.

Be careful with payment afterwards

We also regularly use a credit card to deposit money at online casinos. It is a fast and easy way to pay. As with one Ideal casino. is not available to pay, then Right away or credit card our next option. An additional advantage to the payment method is that you can often pay out money here again. What people can also see as an advantage is that it is a way to pay afterwards at the online casino. After all, in a month you can use the credit card for a payment and this amount will only pay off the following month with your bank. With this afterwards you have to be very careful. Gambling can be very addictive. When you lose or wins, emotions can be high and sometimes you take decisions that are not well thought out. This also seems to have been the case with the woman from the UK who has built up such an immense debt in two days. She will have thought every time that a single profit could limit her losses so much. Therefore, check with gambling and payments with credit cards at online casinos.