Published on 6 April 2018 in News

Striking news from the gambling capital of the world. This week has become known that the eccentric Multi-Mountaire Richard Branson, with his company Virgin and a group of investors, has taken over the famous Hard Rock Casino in the city. After a thorough renovation that is planned, the hotel and casino will be renamed Virgin hotels Las Vegas. It is a surprising choice of the immense successful businessman. Not all casino adventures in the United States have a history that they all went successfully. Ask that to the current president of the country that his Trump Casino in the second Gokstad Atlantic City had to close after a few years because of a bankruptcy. Richard Branson will nevertheless see opportunities in the industry and since the businessman is known for his forthrowse we will rely in a successful outcome for the future Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

Hard Rock wordt Virgin

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was actually a bit of a strange duck in the bite in Las Vegas. Hot business plan of the company was to address more the young audience. In this mission they have succeeded by organizing the most legendary parties on the comic. Alleged, Hard Rock gets a much lower percentage of their income from people who are here Legal gamblingbut more from the restaurants and night clubs located in the building. According to Richard Branson, this was the reason that Virgin had to take over this hotel. He believes that his company has the same rebellious character and according to his own words: "We wouldn't have just come to Las Vegas Unless We could've Found the Property That was very virgin".

Name change until 2019

How much money is involved with the acquisition is not brought out. However, the plans have been announced how the casino will be exactly renamed Virgin hotels. First is an immense renovation planned. The hotel has already been 1500 rooms, but a large renovation is planned where the intention is to make the building twice as large. Lovers of the parties in the casino, such as the famous Pool Party, do not have to worry because the clubs and the swimming pool will also be extended and improved. The complete renovation will only be completed in 2019. Only when that moment has arrived then the name change will also take place. Incidentally, the hotel and casino remains open during the renovation. Against journalists of the Associated Press, who asked if the iconic guitar will disappear from the building, Branson had the following response:

“The guitar may not survive. But we have a giant ‘V,’ which is sort of guitar-shaped, which may take over”

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