Published on February 29, 2022 in News

Do you know the rock band KISS? The band whose members occur in crazy learning to suck and skink faces in white and black colors. Singer Gene Simmons with huge tongue. There is a good chance that regardless of your age you are familiar with the phenomenon in the Rock World. Not necessarily because of the large hits that the men have released. Where the band is best known for its very smart in marketing. Without a large list of hits, everyone is familiar with the name Kiss. Over the years, the band members have used this especially in the United States to earn as much money as possible outside making music. The last business venture on the wish list; The opening of a casino With KISS theme in the US state of Mississippi.

Deal with project developer

The plans to open a KISS theme Casino in Mississippi are already advanced according to the last report. The band seems to have a deal made with the project developer who owns the casino. This is a building in the city of Biloxi that has since been emptying for 5 years. In 2014, the previous owner received a conflict with the manager of the casino and this has never finished the hotel. The company The Ram Group has now purchased the building a year ago and plans to take care of an opening again in collaboration with the Band KISS.

Rock & Brews Casino

The plan is to make a rock & brows casino. In America there is a chain Rock & Brews restaurants that do very well. The kiss band members of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are co-owners of this company. The restaurants are already doing very well in the United States. Not surprisingly because Rock music and beer are of course a good combination. The two things also combine well with a night gambling. Rock & Brews Casino site will accommodate a 300-room hotel, a casino of 12,000 square meters, a swimming pool and a concert hall.

Opening planned with concert

According to the person concerned, financing for the project is already around. They also expect few problems to get the required permits because the building has been built earlier with the objective of having a hotel and casino. An opening was already planned on 15 March. A concert of the Rockband Kiss in the city will also take place on the same day. We are curious if the Rock & Brews Casino from Kiss will be just as big and popular as the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.