Published on July 23, 2019 in News

According to weather reports, we will meet a terrible hot week in the Australia with temperatures closer to the 40 degrees than 30 degrees. It is so hot that various events are canceled in the country. Holland Casino Amsterdam Center also has the summer in their globe and therefore organizes the Samba Week from 22 to 28 July. It is an opportunity to make the summer even better by chance to make extra prizes during gambling. You have a chance to win traveling, VIP tickets for festivals and of course cash prizes.

Summer Samba Week

The Samba Week organized by the Holland Casino site from 22 to 28 July naturally suits the warm weather that we are currently experiencing in the Australia. However, most people will be happy to hear that during this summer Samba week the air conditioning is just in the building. A visit to the location in the capital is therefore not only a chance to win great prizes, but also a chance to escape the stifling heat. Waag a gamble in summer spheres, but in a pleasant temperature, and who knows you win one of the extra prices that will be paid out during this week.

July 23 Cases Evening

Today is immediately a good day to visit the casino. On Tuesday 23 July is the famous cases of the Samba Week. Happy winners can make a choice from different suitcases and if you are lucky then you choose the suitcase with the main prize of 5000 euros.

You can also use suitcases when you wake one of the travels that Holland Casino gives away this week. All week people who play on slot machines are likely to win a fully catered journey to Las Vegas, New York or London.

Friday and Saturday Casino Night Out

The sambereest is really bursting when the weekend touches. On Friday and Saturday there is the traditional casino night out but in a Samba Style. During the Casino Night Out people can gamble from 20:00 in the Low Limit Area of the casino. Here you can get to know the traditional games of chance with bets from 1 euro. It is the excellent opportunity to blackjack, roulette or Learn Punto Banco in a relaxed atmosphere.

On Friday evening you will also have a chance to win VIP tickets for the Mysteryland Festival in the Low Limit Area. On Saturday the party happily continues with bands that occur and sambadansers who raise the atmosphere throughout the establishment. On Sundays you can come to the casino a bit earlier, because on that day a Samba Brunch will be served in the restaurant.

If you love the summer and South American Samba, definitely visit the Holland Casino Center this week. Even if you don't like high temperatures, it is advisable to visit the establishment to escape the stifling heat in a moment.

Please note that the Samba Week is in the center of the center and therefore not in it Nieuwe Holland Casino Amsterdam West Sloterdijk.