Published on November 24, 2017 in News

Christmas is about a month and at Mr Green Until that time, money prices and other benefits have arrived daily. Last Friday, on November 17, a new promotion started in this great online casino with the name Mr Green's Christmas Quest. This means that new prizes can be won every day. In total prices are given away with a value of no less than 1 million euros. It therefore pays to play at MR Green between 17 November and 31 December to take advantage of as much as possible.

How does the MR Green's Christmas quest work?

On the website of the casino you can see a kind of advent calendar where you can unpack a new package every day. You will then see what the advantage of getting that day. The advantage can be used in the online casino, the sportsbook or the live casino. No one knows in advance what exactly the benefit of the day will be. It is therefore advisable to view the website of Mr Green daily to see what action is in force at that time. You can then decide whether you are going to make use of this or not. Also make sure that you are already an active player of the casino, because most promotions are only available for people who have previously gambled with real money. This is therefore a good time to Welcome bonus to utilize the provider.

Action from Friday 24 November - 30% bonus

To give you an idea of what you can expect this and the following month, we describe the action that is active today, Friday 24-11. Today all players can use a special Black Friday bonus. With this Parliamentary bonus Can you get up to 30 euros to free money if you decide to deposit today. You must use the bonus money at least 35 times as part of the insert requirement. It is not a huge bonus, but an advantage that everyone can grab. The expectation is that the closer to Christmas comes, the better the offers will be.

Previous promotions and announcement of winners

As you have previously been able to read this news item, Christmas action at Mr Green has been on the road for a week. We can therefore tell you more about the actions that have already been found last week. November 21 the casino has given two luxury bags given to a value of 1500 euros. One of the winners was Fleur P. and that name suggests that this is a Australia person. November 22 was Wilde Wednesday where 3000 euros have been handed out to cash prizes. The largest winner of this promotion has been awarded 750 euros. If you will become one of the winners the coming days, the employees of Mr Green Casino will undoubtedly you. You can also view the winners yourself. On the website it will be announced daily on the page with promotions.