Published on December 17, 2019 in News

Now that the Legalization of online gambling in the Australia It is up to the second chamber in the second chamber about the subject. The lower regulations of the law still needs to be worked out. Broadly speaking, about whether it is already known what comes in legislation, but the exact details can still change. One reason for MP Stieneke van der Graaf of the ChristenUnie to debate again with Minister Dekker about the limitations of Gambleclames in the Australia.

Now prohibition on radio and TV from 6:00 to 19:00

In the current law a ban has been included to broadcast advertisements for gambling on radio and TV between 6:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening. This has been chosen to ensure that young people are not too confronted with gambleclames. Minors in particular must be protected extra against the dangers of addiction. According to the ChristenUnie MP Stieneke van der Graaf, the ban on gambleclames can still last a few hours longer. She went looking for supporters in the Lower House and found these at the Parties ChristenUnie, CDA, SP, GroenLinks, PvdA and SGP. A substantial part of the MPs and that increases the chance that the proposal will be adopted at a vote.

Proposal is expansion until 9 p.m.

What exactly is the proposal that Stieneke van der Graaf does to Minister Dekker of legal protection? She would like the ban on the complaints on television and radio in the evening more than two hours longer. It is then no longer possible for gambling companies to broadcast comments between 6:00 a.m. and 9 p.m. Incidentally, when it lies to the ChristenUnie, this limitization does not only apply to online casinos that can operate legally in the Australia from next year. State corporate companies Holland Casino and Australia Lottery must keep itself to the new rules.

Better supervision of advertising aimed at young people

The expansion of the number of hours on which no games of chance complaint may be broadcast is not the only proposal that the MPs make the Minister of Legal Protection. They also find that better supervision should be given to advertising aimed at young people. In the current legislation, it is already stated that this is not permitted, but the description can be interpreted broadly, causing radio and television through the current license holders a few Very Discutable Complaints are broadcast that seem to be focused on young people. The proposal also asks to make a ban after 21:00 as possible if, for example, 25% of a viewer public consists of young people.

Questions about how supervision of internet advertising

Wherever has been asked by parliamentary members during the debate how the government can monitor internet advertising. These commercials are much harder to regulate. Yet it is necessary that this is also monitored here. Among other things because many young people nowadays look back online after a few days of television broadcasts. How are the rules were broadcast as a broadcast live after 21:00 on television, but the next day at 4:00 PM is looked back online? The issues that must be answered by the minister in a later debate.

A previously commissioned research from the University of Amsterdam has shown that within the law there are indeed opportunities for the government to impose a ban on gambleclames within our country. Although more difficult there are also opportunities for limitation of commercials on the internet.