Published on September 15, 2017 in News

The month of September is a very good month to play roulette at Mr Green. With this online casino you can use no less than four different actions this month while playing live roulette. This includes free spins, cash and physical prizes. What exactly these actions are and what you should do to grab the benefits of this can be read in the next news item. When you are aware of all promotions you can still do the Mr Green review Read on our website and from there your way to make the website to create an account and play roulette at the live casino.

Rock ’N Roulette

In the live casino of Mr Green, special theme roulette tables can be played on specific dates and times. An example of this are the live rock 'n roulette tables where you can hear tasty rock music while playing. You play these tables 20 rounds then you get 50 for this Free Spins For the Jimi Hendrix Slot van Netent. You can earn 50 Free Spins every day. The dates that you can still play this month are: 16-17 September, 23-24 September and 30 September to 1 October. The Rock 'n Roll theme live roulette tables are open on these days from 14:00 to 2:00 cest.

Fairytale Roulette

The following September action for live roulette at Mr Green is again at a special theme table. To participate in this promotion you have to play on the fairytale roulette tables in the live casino. Here you can have a chance to win three prize packages and a further 3000 euros in cash. For every ten rounds that you play to these tables you will receive a ticket for the draw where you can win a home cinema set, sound system or a designer smart watch. In addition, cash prizes are given away that can go up to 1000 Euro free money. The dates that the fairytale roulette tables are opened: 18-20 September and 25-27 September. The times are the same on those days with 14:00 to 02:00.

The Roaring Roulette 20’s

With playing the live retro roulette tables from it Netent Casino Go back in time with a theme that takes place in the 1920s. Here you can win Free Spins again, but these times these are meant for the Jack Hammer Slot. You earn 50 Free Spins for every 20 rounds for real money. The opening times of the tables are the same. From 14:00 to 02:00. The dates to which this action can still be used in the month of September are: 21-22 September and 28-29 September. Every day it is possible to free up 50 free spins. So on these dates you can therefore ride a total of 200 free spins for the Jack Hammer Slot.

Exclusieve Roulette Cash Draw

The last action that can be used in September while playing live roulette can yield cash for which no use requires money. To make a chance to see here you have to play on the exclusive live roulette tables from the casino. Mr Green comes by personally to give twice 1000 euros away from cash via a draw. To participate in the draw you have to collect tickets that you get by playing ten rounds of roulette. Every ten rounds you get a lottery ticket and in total you can earn up to 50 lots a day. The first period to which you can participate in this promotion has just ended today, but a second period will arrive where you have to play between 25 and 29 September. The draw then takes place on 2 October.

All the details of these actions can still read on the website of Mr Green.