Published on August 31, 2019 in News

Striking news from Australia earlier this week. The authorities of the state of Victoria brought out the press release that the police have arrested six people on suspicion of match fixing. In itself this news is not that bad. Countries are concerned about addressing the problem of match fixing worldwide. It is striking, the sport where the suspects were lost on gambles and probably also intentionally. The suspect bets have been done on a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: Go) Esports League. An Esports tournament so where teams compete against each other with playing computer games.

Worldwide problem with match fixing

The issues with match fixing are not unique in Australia or Esports. The fact that the abuses in Esports occur is actually the first time we hear from this. Many more abuses have already come to light in other sports. In Belgium, for example, a large scandal in playing soccer is discovered that is still being investigated. In Italy there is also still research into competitions that have expired in a suspicious way. Also in other sports, such as tennis, players are suspected of losing a sum of money for a sum of money.

They are often large gambling syndicates that are behind the match fixing in collaboration with professional athletes. After an illegal agreement has been made to lose, huge amounts are used on competitions. If these sports competitions are not so much used to normally, the abuses come to light quickly. This also seems to have been wrong who have made six arrested suspects in Australia.

Suspicious bet on Counter-Strike Competitions

A Online casino That bets accepts on ESPORTS tournaments has passed on instructions from the suspicious bets to the Australian authorities. The police have started an investigation on this and quickly arrived at the six people who were arrested this week. They are suspected of having made agreements to lose deliberate competitions in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: Go) Esports League. The investigation has already started this year from March and this has ultimately led to six arrests that this week have been carried out.

Gambling on Esports has increased considerably in recent years. This increase is about equal to the popularity of sport and the amounts that deserve professional eSporters. The more money deals in sports, the more athletes will make with criminals who want to misuse them. Whether this is also the case in this case we don't know. It is of course also possible that the group itself has decided to cheat.

Penalties up to 10 years in prison in Australia

If it is proven that the six are guilty of match fixing, they will regret it quickly. The law does not distinguish between match fixing in the footfall or in Esports. The penalties that can be imposed in Australia are not nauseous. Legally, Matchfixing can be applied to 10 years in prison for match fixing. Little details about the research have been brought out, so we do not know whether the six people who have arrested this punishment also hangs above the head. However, it has since become known that all six people were released after a question at the police station awaiting the investigation. There are house searches and the computers of the suspects will be studied.