Published on November 2, 2022 in News

Football is of course one of the largest export products in Spain. With clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the country is regularly dominated by football. Large sponsors want to benefit from this by standing on the T-shirts.

In recent months there was also a lot of interest from online casinos to sponsor the famous Spanish football clubs. But the government of Spain is now officially putting a stop to this!

The government has announced that an official prohibition comes For online casinos To sponsor football clubs or other Spanish athletes. This has to do with the new legislation for the promotion of online gambling in Spain.

Online casinos can only advertise at night in Spain

In the new legislation for Distance games Rules for advertising are included in Spain. The legislation states that only online casinos can be made in Spain from 01.00 to 05.00.

Of course there is of course almost never played in this period. Spain is so strict to even refuse online casinos to be on the shirts of football clubs. This would be straight advertising and are not allowed between 1 a.m. and 5 p.m.

It is striking that Spain chooses for this mainly because it is quite common in England that casino's football clubs sponsor. Recently, more and more Italian clubs have also been added that sponsor online casinos.

Spanish lotteries are allowed to advertise

Extra striking is that this legislation is made an exception for Spanish lotteries. Spanish lotteries may possibly sponsor a football club if they want this.

It would be about the lotteries that are organized by the Spanish government. Consider, for example, the Australia State Lottery. Online casinos are indignant that there is an exception for this!

The casinos are currently investigating whether this treaty is not contrary to European regulations. This allows countries to create no exceptional position for itself.

Spain has no reason for these strict rules

Online casinos are not only angry about the exception that Spain gives himself. The casinos are also angry that there is actually no reason to implement these rules. In addition to that Spain may want to take advantage of the advertising options for football clubs.

Spain is a country in Europe where a lot is being gambled. But where relatively few people live with A gambling addiction. If there are too many addictions due to the ads, Spain has the right to implement these rules. Since this is not the situation, the measures would be ridiculous.

For now, the current rules go into online casinos in Spain. It is only awaiting what they really mean for the casinos. The casinos are intended to go in protest. Possibly the EU is also broken in view of the European regulations.