Published on 11 May 2019 in News

2 million euros per hour. That is what according to the latest data the Spaniards issue Online gambling. Currently, this also amounts to 47 million euros per day and AU$ 17 billion per year. An immense amount. Actually also quite surprising that in the South European country is gambled so much, because with the Spanish economy it has not been going well for a while. There is a high unemployment and companies and highly educated people are looking for more and more their salvation in other European countries. Apparently all this does not affect the turnover of online casinos in the country. In the past three years, turnover has more than doubled from 8.5 billion to AU$ 17.3 billion per year.

Almost one and a half million gamblers

According to the tax authorities in Spain, the enormous amount is gambled together by almost an hour and a half million people. According to the official figures, 1,465,129 gamblers were active in the country last year and consisted of 3,067,774 accounts at Casinos and Bookmakers online. This means that most gamblers have multiple accounts at online casinos. This might come because of this Several bonuses claim is possible? We expect this to do with this. A lot of advertising is also made to get Spanish gamblers so far to put their money to the game. In the past year, for example, 328 million euros in advertising on television has been issued. More than a doubling of Dec numbers three years ago.

Open market for casinos since 2011

The market for gambling has been opened in Spain since 2011. Many years earlier, a decision has been made here about online gambling. However, the politicians have decided to release the market for foreign casinos. They don't even have to be located in Spain. This is a lot different from the plans that people have agreed in the Australia Remote Gambling Act. When an online casino has a license from the European Union. For example in Malta. Then they may offer their services in the Spanish market. As a result, the Spaniards have a large selection of different providers to choose from. However, a disadvantage is that the treasury of the country fails little from the mega-borne that are used. The foreign companies pay no or hardly any taxes in Spain. This is a missed opportunity for a country with a faltering economy.

Gokhouses in poor neighborhoods

From the figures that are now made public, it cannot be prepared which groups of the Spanish population most online gambling. Yet there are indications that it indicate that it is precisely the people with low incomes that are most often a gamble. A lot of gambling houses are also added to Spain. It is striking that it is mainly placed in poor neighborhoods. Of course there really did research what is the best location for a gambling house. These are run by listed millions companies. Apparently the investigation has come that it is precisely the poorer population who likes to gamble. They might hope to have a good luck and gain a great price that enables them to do things that they normally cannot do.