Published on July 17, 2022 in News

SteelDogic has announced this week with Microgaming. The software supplier will add the games to the Microgaming Network. Microgaming has grown into a distributor of casino games in recent years.

For the software supplier from Eindhoven this is a big step in the online casino world. Kiders already know that the company has a lot of quality in the house. But unfortunately the small studio doesn't really come in between.

With the collaboration between Staeelogic and Microgaming the games will be distributed in 20 countries later. With this, SteelDogic hopes to pull an extra large audience. Secretly hope to experience their great breakthrough with this.

Third New Gamestudio of 2022 at Microgaming

Microgaming is enthusiastic about adding gamestudios. In 2022 they have previously added 2 small studios to their network. Neko Gaming and Spearhead Studios were already added to the network this year.

Microgaming has mainly become a distributor for various studios in recent years. Microgaming is primarily a springboard for small studios that want to be familiar. In this way Quickspin and Playson experienced their breakthrough with Microgaming.

In collaboration with Microgaming, Quickspin built the legendary slot Mega Moolah slot. This game still breaks Jackpot Records regularly. Thanks to Microgaming it was possible to put such a big game.

Complete SteelDogic collection comes online via Microgaming

Stakelogic Of course already has a number of well-known titles. At Australia players, the company is particularly familiar with slots such as Random Runner and Simply Wild. They specialize in digitizing old phrutia tomatoes.

Via Microgaming, the well-known slots of stab-gogic will soon be available online in more than 20 different countries. Microgaming has a much wider audience with players that they can approach.

SteelDogic is therefore happy with the collaboration that they enter into microgaming. The producer is known for the high quality games. The games are therefore a huge addition to the casino.

SteelDogic hopes to finally reach a large audience with the games. In the coming period they therefore focus on producing new slots. In the meantime, the existing slots are added to the network of multiple casinos.

SteelDogic is part of NOVOMATIC

Despite the fact that stakes is a Australia developer, they are no longer 100% Australia. A few years ago the studio was taken over by Novomatic. Novomatic is a large landbased slot developer.

NOVOMATIC has taken on staked gogic to convert existing slots to digital slots. Thanks to this collaboration, SteelDogic holds the rights to build the random runner.

NOVOMATIC is absolutely no one-known name within the casino world. The company makes O.A. slots for the Holland Casino. In addition, they also have a number of existing casinos in their possession.

With SteelDogic, Novomatic also hopes to get more feet on the ground online. Thanks to the collaboration with Microgaming, the first step seems to be taken.