Published on 8 May 2018 in News

In the Australia newspapers, a lot of news has already been around for years over the abuses that were ordered by the Staatsloterij for years. In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in our country that the Lottery of the State made many years of false claims about the cash prizes that were paid. With this they put participants in the lottery wrong and thought the gamblers more likely to win a price than they actually had. The indignation among Australia people about this revelation was and is still great. In the country where only a few companies can offer games of chance to keep controls as strictly as possible, the state lottery has taken their participants for years about their chances of winning. Shame it was spoken and the organization quickly attracted the feet.

Procedures for compensation

After the news came out about the fake claims of the state lottery, procedures for compensation have already started against the company. Gedievers united in groups to be so stronger in conducting legal proceedings. The lottery itself claims that they were not owed participants in the years 2000 to 2007 (when the abuses took place). However, the people who have bought their lots for years to have a different opinion about this. They believe that they have to get the money from all lottery tickets that they have purchased in the period. This can be per person to a few thousand euros. If the creditors are placed in the same by a judge, this means that the state lottery must cough out many millions of euros.

Apologies and special draw

The claim of the state lottery that they are not owed people is striking. Since the unveiling of the news, the organization has officially offered them apologies. This should of course also happen because the newspapers were full of the news. The fuss completely ignoring was no longer possible. After the many claims for damages that entered the lottery still a striking move. They organized a so-called 'special draw'. Here all people who ever participated in the lottery could participate for free of charge between 2000 and 2007. A prerequisite for this was that they had to waive their participation from any legal prosecution. This is a striking condition to prepare if you believe nobody owes anything.

Participants still have damage claims

Although more than 2.8 million people have adopted the range of the 'special draw', there are still many participants who did not have done this and they still stand damages. The first statements of legal proceedings that are still running are expected this spring. An exciting time for the state lottery because they could be confronted with a considerable compensation. Insiders suspect that there are many more people who did not participate in the special draw. They are most likely waiting for the judicial statements that will come soon and can come up with their own claims.

Our opinion is that it seems that the actions of the Staatsloterij looks like they do indeed fear that people will win judicial proceedings and claim their deployment of previous lotteries. It is outrageous that the organization has gone away from this so many years. The online casinos who still none in the Australia licenses Being able to apply more stricter and would really not get away with false claims about payout percentages. If you want to have a chance to win millions prizes then you better take a chance. After all, you can also win several millions on the online video slots with progressive jackpots. Moreover, the chance of this is greater than with your participation in a lottery.