Published on October 23, 2018 in News

In our latest news item we have given you some reasons why we advise everyone to regularly look for one New Online Casino. One of the reasons we challenged was that you can use the welcome bonuses that they offer in new providers. You can take out a financial benefit here and when you turn it into smartly with it, chances are that you have a nice profit to the bonuses. But how can you deal with the bonus money that you receive free from the casino? Today we share a strategy with you with which you leave as much profit as possible Welcome bonuses can achieve. Please note that you are still busy with games of chance. One time you can last a big profit and the other time make your loss. We only advise you to make your chances as high as possible.

Wagering requirement

The most important term that you must be known if you are planning to use online casino bonuses to improve your chances, has a wagon requirement. You will come across this term in the bonus conditions of every gambling site. To maintain the free money or profit from Free Spins, you will first have to put the amount a minimum number of times. This insert requirement is called the wagon requirement. Before you use a selection, you must always first look up how much X the betting requirement is. This differs per provider. The wagon requirement can be as low as 15x but also up to no less than 40x. Always choose the casinos with the lowest wagering requirement. Your chances of holding a profit will then significantly increase.

Choose best games

Then you have to release the money from the bonus. By this we mean meeting the condition to play the amount around a X number. You must first take over the conditions well. With most providers you do not count altogether for all games of chance. For example, you will notice that bets made with table games such as roulette and blackjack, often not or only for a small percentage. When every euro that you bet with blackjack only counts 5%, this means that the wagon requirement fails another 20 times higher if you choose this gaming game for releasing. Video slots always count for 100% contribution to the Wagering Requirement. So you choose a video slot with the highest possible RTP (Return to Player) percentage.

Pay out and new bonus

Once you have met the requirement to deploy the money from the bonus a minimum number of times. Then no longer play. The chance is not in your favor that you will win even more. With our strategy you have retained as much profit as possible from the welcome bonuses. Most likely that you have lost some of the free money. However, because you have received a big amount for free with the welcome bonus, you still have a nice profit. What you need to do is pay out and continue to a new bonus. Choose a new provider from our list of Best Australia online casinos. When you have paid with Ideal at the casino, you can best choose your payout for a bank transfer. No additional costs are calculated with this payout option and therefore keep more profit.