Published on 5 June 2022 in News

During the ICE 2022, NetEnt proudly announced that Street Fighter II gambled. The slot machine is based on the Arcade game Street Fighter II. The game was a great success for the Capcom company in 1991.

Due to the license of a real arcade game, this had to become the great release for NetEnt. At the end of May it was time and the slot machine was released with a lot of bombarie in the casino. The reviews were enthusiastic, but after a good week the game disappeared from the online casino.

For the fans of the game it was strange that NetENt The game soon took offline. Especially since the company had announced the game with a lot of bombarie. Fans had been bored weeks to date and had to stop playing after a week.

Netent itself is vague about why the game has been taken offline. As a result, it does not seem to be clearly clear what exactly is going on. It is actually not before that NetEnt gets a game offline so quickly after the release.

The cause lies with errors in the slot machine

After a long insistence, NetEnt still decided to come with a vague statement. There would be a number of errors in the slot to sit. This would be a reason why the game is no longer allowed online. The errors should first be removed before the slot machine is allowed online.

As soon as the errors are out, the game must first be tested properly before it is allowed online. According to NetEnt, players could affect the game themselves and this is not allowed with a chance. It is unclear what players could do exactly to influence the game.

Because players could influence the game itself, the RTP (Return to Player) Percentage would not be correct. This may not be officially according to the license that they have in their name. This is why the game was getting offline fairly quickly.

Players would win too much money

According to sources of players, the release of Street Fighter II was a great success. One of the reasons why the game was loved because a lot of money could be won. Most players did not actually consider that this could be a mistake.

Because the error was in favor of the players, of course, acts were made quickly. The team would already have experienced where it went exactly. This allows them to remove the bug and again launch the game again in the online casino.

Criticism from the United Kingdom

Other sources claim that a lot of money could be won at all with the Street Fighter II. The game would have a so-called Insert Coin feature. With this feature it is possible to buy a resit.

The United Kingdom has already emitted a number of times over these types of features in slots. They even indicated that companies can get a ban if they build this in their slots. The Gambling Commission Would now sit on top of this.

It could well be that this is why Street Fighter II is currently offline. We naturally know it entirely when the game will be online without the Insert Coin Feature. For now it's just waiting when the game comes online again.