Published on August 8, 2018 in News

The stories of winners who have won millions prizes in online casinos are always doing well. We are happy to see the underlying stories of the fortunate gamblers that suddenly get a number with 7 digits on their screen. Secretly we sometimes dream of what it would be like this would happen to us. It must be an unreal event. Only after many tricks in your arm will you realize that it really happened to you. You have suddenly become multi-millionaire. It happened a 27-year-old Swedish gambler on the last day of the previous month. On July 31, the biggest jackpot of the Mega Fortune slot fell and the lucky man was allowed to register no less than 6.6 million euros on his bank account. The story is incredible if you come to know the details and the response.

AU$5,996,418 + AU$650,000

Among other things, an incredible detail is the fact that the price meter of the Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot was at the time of winning 5.996.418 euros. The gambler from Sweden will of course have been very happy with this amount. However, as you have been able to read earlier, he has won more than 6.6 million euros. This is because at Netent casino’s During the Soccer World Cup has taken place. With this Mega Millions promotion, the game developer promised to give millions away from extra prices. Part of this was an increase in the prize money of the Mega Fortune videos slot with no less than 650,000 euros. This amount has therefore attended the Swedish man even extra on top of the jackpot prices.

Only registered three hours earlier

If you already find the sudden increase in prize pool a nice detail, then you must know that the story is more incredible many times. In the meantime, it has now become known that the 27-year-old man had only registered at the casino for winning the prize for three hours before winning the prize. He will probably still with the money from the Welcome bonus have been playing. In a first reaction, the man let me know that he is shocked to realize such an immense amount to have won. He was on vacation and bored himself a bit and therefore decided to gamble in an online casino. This decision literally and figuratively brought him a lot of fortune.

Mega Moolah now more than 10 million euros

Should you also dream of being the protagonist in one of the stories about new multi-millionaires created in an online casino? Then you should also consider creating an account at a Australia casino online. For example, if you register yourself with dunderThen you can take a very attractive welcome bonus here. You can then use this to play the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming. The Jackpot of this video lock is at the time at an incredible amount of more than 10 million euros. These are therefore no less than 8 digits that can be credited to your bank account. We know that the chance is small that you happen to the same when the man described in this news item, but someone has to win the jackpot of course.