Published on March 24, 2022 in News

In recent days, more and more players take a gamble in the online casino. One game really jumps with cups and shoulders above and that is Lightning Roulette. More and more players choose to play this game from Evolution Gaming.

Unfortunately, because of the Corona virus, all casinos are closed in the Australia. We are therefore ready for a little entertainment. That is why we resort us to the live casino en masse. This gives a bit of the casino feeling despite that we all sit at home.

Last weekend we mainly saw many players joining Lightning Roulette. But why just like so many players to this game and not with the other live casino games? We searched it and have listed all the benefits for you.

Lightning Roulette offers even more entertainment

We are all looking for entertainment and entertainment. Especially since we find it difficult to stay in constant. It is then nice if you can really find a game with a somewhat higher entertainment content.

Lightning Roulette is presented in a spectacular studio. It is not presented as a standard roulette game. The hosts do everything to make it an exciting entertainment game. Evolution gaming has already proven several times that they can put out excellent studio shows.

Because we are all looking a bit looking for entertainment in these days it's nice to find some distraction. These do the players to play massively through Lightning Roulette. The Casino software Ensures enough entertainment these days.

Chance of a payout of 500 times the commitment

Lightning Roulette is the only variant of online roulette where you can win up to 500 times your bet. Almost every round for the wheel starts to turn the lightning. A number of songs now receive a multiplier of 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x and one number can even get a multiplier of 500.

Imagine having made money on the number 5. The lightning also refers to 5 and gives the number a multiplier of 500. Suppose the 5 is now falling then you do not win 32 times the bet, but 500 times the bet. With a bet of AU$ 10, that is enough for AU$ 2,500. These are only amounts to win.

The chance that you win a large amount is even greater than before. This ensures that the game has become even more popular during the Corona Crisis in recent days. After all, we are all looking for pleasure. It is then nice as a game such as Lightning Roulette can enjoy in these crazy times.

Evolution of Evolution Gaming Evolution Shows

Are you ready with Lightning Roulette, but actually looking for some entertainment? At Evolution Gaming you can find more games shows where you can win money. Look at Live Monopoly for an exciting game show where you can win a lot of money.

Because you play live via the computer, you don't have to be afraid of the Corona Crisis. In addition, it remains Live casino happy just opened. That way you don't have to miss anything and you can just keep gambling.