Published on April 3, 2022 in News

It regularly happens that the jackpot at one of the Slots in the online casino fall. Although the chance that you win a jackpot is small it remains attractive to give a chance. We see this to the thousands of players who gamble monthly at Mega Moolah.

On average a Jackpot is 11 weeks. When it comes to a progressive jackpot, it slowly runs up. Every effort is a small part to the jackpot. The jackpot falls at any time. At the beginning of March the jackpot at Mega Moolah fell twice in succession within 48 hours.

This time no records were broken, but it regularly happens that records are broken. If records are broken, they even come into the Guinness Book of Records. We have the largest jackpots that currently have ever fallen before you listed.

Mega Moolah has the record with 18.9 million euros

In 2018, Mega Moolah managed to set a record with the highest jackpot ever cases. This time an American managed to win the jackpot and converted AU$ 18.9 million. The jackpot had never been so high and had not fallen for months.

The player won the jackpot with a bet of $ 0.75 per spin. In total, the player had played 50 spins on the slot machine before the jackpot was won. This means that the player had spent less than $ 50 on Mega Moolah.

Incidentally, it is not the largest jackpot that has ever fallen into a casino. It is only the highest jackpot that has ever fallen into an online casino. In Las Vegas, a AU$ 39.7 million jackpot fell at in He Mgm Excalibur Hotel.

AU$ 17 Million on Mega Fortune

Mega Moolah is not the only game where regular records are placed. In 2013 a record was set with the Mega Fortune game. In an online casino a fin won the amount of AU$ 17 million. This was the record of top jackpot ever.

A new record to a player of Mega Moolah in 2015 knew a new record. Yet the AU$ 17 million that the fin managed to win with Mega Fortune is not wrong. The FIN also wanted to remain completely anonymous. So it is not known who has won this amount.

AU$ 7.5 million on Hall of God

Netent's Classic Hall of God also scores excellent when it comes to progressive jackpots. In 2017 a player from Norway knew a record. The player won the jackpot of AU$ 7.5 million.

The amount was won by a 47-year-old Noor who decided via his computer to take a gamble. This gamble managed to extract very well with a mega amount.

Mega Moolah regularly sets records

If you are looking for a slot from where most records fall with, then you're coming out at Mega Moolah. At the beginning of March, the slot machine announced more than AU$ 12 million and 48 hours later, AU$ 2 million fell again.

At the moment the jackpot is also high and who knows you take the next jackpot this weekend. In any case, it can't hurt to a gamble. Especially not on a jackpot slot machine like Mega Moolah. Make any use of a Parliamentary bonus To play with extra money on the slot machine.