Published on May 28, 2019 in News

The Venetian is one of the most famous casinos in the world. The story that one has built a miniature version of the Italian city of Venice in Las Vegas to establish a casino resort in this is easy to remember. That the casino can be seen in various Hollywood films, has also contributed to the fame. This is perhaps the reason that many fewer people know that there is also a The Venetian in the Asian Gokstad Macao. This is even the largest casino in the world.

Las Vegas vs. Macao.

When we think of a gambling city in the West, most people will say Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. Monte Carlo speaks to the imagination because of the luxury and the many millionaires in the city state. Las Vegas is the ultimate gambling city in the world. People in the east are thinking very different. They will reply Macao if you ask them for a gambling town in the world.

Fervent gamblers know that Asians have also been right here. In the field of income, Macao Las Vegas has already passed by. In terms of visitor numbers, they still walk behind, but that makes it the more impressive that so much money is earned. It has many of the largest casinos in Las Vegas decide to also open a branch in the eastern gambling town.

Venice in small

Extra large has been extracted for The Venetian Macao. This is the biggest casino in the world at the moment. The luxury resort is no less than 980,000 square meters in size. Inside there is a casino that has more than 51,000 square meters of surface. Just like in Las Vegas, the Italian city of Venice has been cleaned in small. For example, you can shop at San Marco Square and you can also make romantic boat trips in a gondola on the landscaped canals.

The 4-star resort has 3000 rooms that cost an average of 220 euros per night. At busy times a little more and less in the low season. There is also a shopping center where you can shop in stores that sell the most luxurious products.

Four casinos at the resort

Although the hotel resort naturally also provides the necessary income, the big money is earned by offering games of chance in the casinos. This seems logical, but this is sometimes not always the case in Las Vegas. There is often more earned to the night clubs and tickets for shows that are organized. The Chinese who are represented in Macao in large numbers come to this city for the time being. That is why the largest casino in the world can therefore be found here.

The 51,000 square-meter casino actually consists of four separate casinos. These have names such as Phoenix, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Golden Fish.

A difference with Las Vegas is also that most space on the playing floors are seized by play tables. Visitors in Asia gamble much with games of chance like Punto Banco, blackjack, poker and roulette than slot machines. For the high rollers who sometimes win millions of euros in a session or losses that can gamble in separate highroller rooms of the casino.

What does The Venetian Macao look like?

If you want to know how The Venetian Macao looks like, then you have to see the video below. Here you don't get much of the casinos to see, but what is to experience when you stay in a room at the resort.

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