Published on March 30, 2017 in News

The nice to play at an online casino is that you regularly get a nice bonus here. Players who decide to gamble for real money for the first time can use a welcome bonus. For example, you can get a percentage of free money from your first deposit or free spins to play at an online slot machine without bet. Bee The best Australia casinos online the advantage is not yet over. They reward their active players with a new fun promotion regularly. The clover casino has always been a generous giver with these types of extras. Every week there was a bonus of which players could use. In 2017, the Australia casino has made this a little further. Since the beginning of the year there have been six theme weeks with a new one every day Online casino bonus.

Gambling on video slots with a theme

Video slots are incredibly popular with people who want to gamble online. The slots have the most beautiful animations, exciting special features and always an original theme to make playing even more fun. They are these themes that the clover casino uses to set up a theme week. In January it was first decided to set up a promotion with the name Rock Week. For a week you could win extra bonus money as a player every day on a video slot with a rock theme. This promotion was intended as promotion of the amazing Netent Rocks video slots. It turned out to be such a great success that immediately decided to continue with this concept afterwards. During the Movie Week, players could win a bonus for seven days on a lock with a movie theme. Players love the video slot suggestions and of course the opportunity to win extra money in addition to normal prices.

28 days bonuses with four theme weeks

Four weeks ago, Klaver Casino announced that they will give up bonuses for 28 days with four theme weeks in a row. First there was the Heroes & Villains Week where every day a lock with a hero and a villain was brought to the attention. This was succeeded by Animal and Jungle Week. The fourth and last promotion is currently active. Thursday 30 March is the fourth day of the Battle Week. With today you can walk around four bonuses on video slots with a theme in which two parties enter into the fight. On the Silent Run Videoslot you can win up to 1000 euro bonus today when you manage all five ships in the bonus game. Sunday the last of 28 days will be bonuses in a row. We wonder what Piano casino After this it will come up with to reward their players for active gambling with real money. It is now clear that it pays to have an account at the casino. You can still create this today and immediately use the welcome bonus with which you get a 100% bonus up to 150 euros about your first deposit and 25 Free Spins for the Starburst Netent Slot.