Published on 1 March 2018 in News

Maybe you have experienced that you are at one Nederlands casino online Want to play a game of chance but that they do not load in your browser. Instead of the game you just get a black screen. The reason that this happens is that your internet browser blocks Adobe Flash. This is done from safety reasons. The Adobe Flash code is a way for unreliable websites to install files on your computer where abuse can be made. All internet browsers, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, therefore block Adobe Flash as standard as they appear on a website. Normally you will then see a notification with which you can indicate with a click that you trust the website and from now on the code can simply be loaded. However, this is not always the case. You have to perform a number of extra actions to ensure that the games of the Casino website do load in your browser.

Approve loading of flash code for CasinoWebsite

From your own experience we have noticed that with some online casinos the notification to approve the use of Flash does not appear. For people who are not useful with computers, it is then a mystery how they can solve this. Every time they try to load a game of chance, they will not see anything more than a black screen and no notification how this can be solved. It can cause you to give up to get it repaired and find another casino site. This is a shame because it also means that you have one Welcome bonus Excese and maybe not to play the provider that appeals to you the most. Our tests have also shown that the Casino customer service does not always have the solution. Fortunately you have now found our website. We are happy to give you a step by step instruction what to do if games do not load in your browser.

When you get a notification that you should click on the screen to activate Adobe Flash, then this is a very easy process. After you click on the screen, you may need to reload the page again and the game becomes visible. If the notification does not appear, you must take a number of extra steps. Not a very difficult process and with the step by step instructions below everyone is capable of this.

  1. Casino websites use secure connections. To protect your personal data and creditcardbetalingen Looking safe. This means that for the domain name in the URL bar is an icon of a lock. Click to get a menu down with information about the website.
  2. In the menu that comes down after clicking on the lock is information about the website. For example, you can check the certificate of the secure connection and state which cookies are used. At the bottom is 'Site Settings'. Click on this.
  3. The Site Settings will be opened in a new window of your browser. You will see a whole list of different institutions. Find the list to Flash and change this setting to 'Allow'.
  4. The final step in the process is to reload the Casino website. You will now notice that the games will load in your browser. It is a one-off process that must be completed. From now on, the use of flash for the website has been approved.