Published on January 15, 2022 in News

Different online casinos have a variant of Roulette online with so-called Hot Numbers. These are the numbers that are often fallen according to the casino. There are not only hot numbers, but also cold numbers. These are numbers that have actually noticed for a long time.

Different casino players even have a complete theory about the Hot Numbers. They think it's worth it to bet their money. The opportunity would be greater that this number will fall. Or players choose the Cold Numbers because these numbers have not fallen for a while. The opportunity would be great that it will now fall.

But what is really true based on this theory? Can you really win more by following the hot numbers? Or can you ignore this hot Numbers better?

Hot Numbers remains pure speculation

Unfortunately we have bad news for it Roulette players That holy believe in hot numbers. It remains pure speculation. The screen has even been devised to let players doubt and let it choose such a number.

However, scientists have calculated that you can only get a realistic picture to 10,000 spins. Only after 10,000 spins could you see if there is indeed a deviation in the wheel. Due to the deviation, certain numbers fall less often and other numbers more often.

The Hot Numbers at the online casino are based on the last 100 spins. So this does not give a good picture of the numbers that are popular and often turned. The Hot Numbers can therefore not be scientifically substantiated.

Roulette wheels don't have any defects

In theory, only "Hot Numbers" can occur if there is a defect in the wheel. For example, the wheel is not entirely level. This means that a determined number is just a bit more often.

Online casinos and physical casinos Do everything to prevent these types of defects. They know that a lot of money can be lost at such a mistake. Especially if the players realize where the error is.

This is the reason that all roulette wheels go through a special inspection every month. They may be adjusted and checked again. If there are doubts, a wheel is set directly outside. Through the strict controls we see no more real hot numbers.

Does it still be useful to use a roulette strategy for Hot Numbers?

Of course we can only draw one conclusion. The hot Numbers is pure marketing to make you believe that you can predict the course. Roulette remains a gaming. The only way to win the game is by dividing your chances.

Unfortunately it has no use to go out of these special hot numbers. Of course you can have a lucky number that happens often. But this is pure coincidence. If you distribute 10,000 spins, every number falls the same number. If you go out of this, you can of course come up with a different strategy.

Fortunately there are enough Roulette strategies on the internet that you can try out in the online casino. But you can leave the hot Numbers better!