Published on March 4, 2019 in News

Two weeks after the news has become known that it Bill has been adopted to legally make online casinos in the Australia, the excitement of this prospect is still present with us. We have had to wait so many years at the moment and themselves so many times that the assumption of the Distance Gambling Act had already been postponed, we actually had the hope that it would ever happen. It has finally come out. That was also inevitable, because the unclear situation of previously conflicting European and national laws became increasingly unsustainable. Now we prefer to focus ourselves in the future than the past. We therefore devised what changes will be for gamblers after legalization of online casinos in the Australia. Below three examples.

Consumer protection by ksa

The most important change in our eyes is that consumers will soon be protected by the gaming authority. As a gambler you also have a Australia authority where you can go with your complaints when you think unfairly to have been treated by a casino. The protection of consumers is one of the most important tasks of the KSA. For example, they check whether Australia people are offered fair games of chance. This means that the casinos software will be extensively tested. Naturally, an abuse in this area A Legally Online Casino in the Australia bring serious problems. A license will then undoubtedly be withdrawn with immediate effect. A risk that a provider who has invested millions for this is of course not. It will be a reassurance for the gamblers that always had distrust that it was done online with chances.

Websites just in Australia

Whatever many people will talk is that after the introduction of the casino license in our country, websites can only be available in Australia. The license holders may use .nl domains and use the Australia language for their websites. Now most people will have had few problems to save themselves on an English-language website, but in different areas it is easy when your mother language is used. Consider, for example, the description of the conditions that apply to the Bonuses at online casinos. These are often very ragging text where difficult and unclear words are used. It is of course much easier if you can simply read these texts in Australia. If something is not clear, then after legalization you also have the option to clarify a Australia-language help desk. Incidentally, the KSA will also check whether casinos are tidy to the bonus conditions.

Casinos pay the gambling tax

Although this has not been officially announced anywhere, we themselves suspect that we will soon be given the same tax system for casinos online if it applies to the Holland Casino and the gambling halls in the Australia. This means that the gambling providers will be responsible for the payment of the gambling tax. If you win a prize as a gambler, this is tax-free. You don't have to transfer about this about this. This is not yet the case with the casinos that are legally operating from abroad. The tax authorities report that gamblers themselves are responsible for the reporting of the cash prizes they have won here. People must enter the amounts they win on the annual tax forms in the right box as income. So this uncertainty is therefore likely to come to an end after the legalization of online gambling in the Australia.