Published on March 8, 2019 in News

Now that IDEAL is disappearing at more and more provider as a payment method it is even more important to know how you can check whether a deposit from money at an online casino is running safely. The reason that we asked everyone to deposit money with iDEAL Is that this is one of the safest ways to make online payments. On the website of your own bank you log in with internet banking and here you adopt the transaction. Your account number and login details cannot easily fall into the wrong people who want to misuse misuse. This is because of it Pay online with credit card A real risk. However, with every payment method you can guarantee the safe deposit of money if you first check the following three checkpoints.

Check HTTPS certificate

If you enter bank details somewhere that are sensitive to abuse, then you must be sure that this data is sent encrypted. If this is not the case, then every hacker that is a bit driven can look like this and copy the completed data. The payment page on which you must enter your credit card details must therefore be secured via an HTTPS connection. In the address bar of your browser you can see the letter combination for the domain name. You also see an icon of a padlock. When you click on this, you can check the HTTPS certificate. This must match the website to which you are at that time. By clicking on the information from the certificate you will see somewhere "Issued to: [Web Sitame]". This control point is to ensure that a skimmer has not set up a false payment page.

Reliable payment provider

Also a way you have a good guarantee that your payment is going safely is that the online casino uses a reliable payment provider. We prefer to see that casinos \ process payments to an external company that specializes in this. There are a number of names that we know these are very reliable in providing secure online payments. For example, there are two Australia companies that are active in this segment worldwide. When a payment is processed via the Adyen or Docdata website, this gives us a reassuring feeling. When seeing the names, do not immediately trust a blindness. Enter the control of the HTTPS certificate whether you are really on the right website.

License of the online casino

Something you should of course always check is the license of the online casino. After all, this tells you whether you are dealing with a legal casino where the games of chance that you get offered also went fair. To get a license from a reliable jurisdiction, a casino must endure very strict controls. These checks are not only applicable to the gambling offer. It is also checked whether the website is safe and the processing of payments is offered in a safe manner. For example, the latest encryption techniques must be used. So when you play a casino with a Malta or Australia license, a secure payment can be somewhat guaranteed. However, it is advisable to take it certainly for the uncertainty and also check the first two points from this list.