Published on October 25, 2017 in News

It has been a while since we have a message about the status of the large progressive jackpots that can be won on online video slots. News about this subject can be found regularly on our website, because we would like to let our readers know when there is a possibility to become multi-millionaire with a single click of your mouse and a small bet. It is always an ultimate feel good story when we can tell that a happy player with a few euros has started playing a number of spiders on a video slot in an online casino and that we can suddenly mention the person a few minutes later. When it lies to us we would like to tell this story in the leading role soon. This is also quite possible because at the moment there are three online video clots whose jackpot prices are at more than 2 million euros.

Play one of the slots below and win winning the millions. The amounts listed below are the heights of the Jackpots at the time of writing. If you read the news item, these amounts have already risen higher. After all, it is progressive jackpots that are increasingly increasing with every bet that players do. Until the main prize is won natural, the jackpot will return to the beginning amount.

Hall of Gods AU$5.421.181

The highest jackpot price of the moment can be gained on the Hall of God's slot. This is a progressive jackpot lock that normally does not have the largest cash prize. The amount of more than 5.4 million euros that the jackpot is now is therefore exceptionally high. Perhaps this is an indication that the price will fall soon. Such a high jackpot price naturally sees everyone appear on his or her bank account.

Mega Fortune AU$3.601.668

In the second place in our list, we find a video slot back from NetEnt. It is the record breaking Slot Mega Fortune whose jackpot is currently more than 3.6 million euros. This jackpot once had the record in the hands of the highest cash prize once paid on an online lock. Then a player won no less than 17.8 million euros. It has always been a slot whose jackpot amount rises very quickly and also falls regularly.

Mega Moolah AU$2.400.226

Crazy enough in third place we find the Mega Moolah slot of Microgaming. The current record holder from the largest jackpot price ever paid to an online slot. However, it will not have been so long ago that the jackpot has fallen because the main prize is currently lower than average. 2.4 million euros, however, is of course still not a cat pist. We would like to win the amount and of course the same applies to you. Take your luck and win to become multi-millionaire by playing Mega Moolah at an online casino.

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