Published on January 14, 2019 in News

Now that the new year has started, we also want to take a few predictions for online gambling in 2019. We get from many people asking what is going to happen in the field of gambling via the internet for Australia people. It remains of course coffee, what nobody knows for sure what the future will bring us. As insiders of the business, and writers of Dozens of Australia online casino Reviews, we probably have a better look at this than most people. Let's start with our three predictions for online gambling in 2019. At the end of the year we can see how much of which have come true.

Online gambling finally legal in the Australia

Let's start with our most bold prediction. We dare to predict that we will finally get legally online gambling in the Australia in 2019. This means that there is a possibility for casinos that operate online to one Australia Casino License to request. It is a bold prediction because the politicians of our country have been postponing this legislative change for more than 10 years. The first glimpse of hope can already come next month. On 5 February, the first chamber of amendment to the chance of gambling will be voted again. We predict that permits can be requested before the end of this year.

Live casino grows in popularity and quality

The next prediction is not that bold as the previous one because this trend has been going on for several years. More and more people are discovering the possibility of gambling with live dealers at an online casino. Our expectation is that this growth will continue in 2019. The popularity of these games therefore continues to increase. What we also expect is that the quality will continue to grow. The NetEnt Live Software has already made a big step last year in the way they display the live action on mobile devices. We think that the market leader in this area can not remain evolution gaming and also continue to develop to improve quality and deliver the most realistic casino experience.

More provider and providers of casino games

The head of this paragraph might give a wrong image of the prediction we are going to make. We do predict that more providers and providers of casino games will appear on the internet, but we also want to mention that we think that there will be fewer companies behind these names. You might see a new casino appear online, but if the same company hides here all the time, you will also offer a comparable service here. A development that is already underway is that large companies that run multiple casinos, take over smaller players. This gives you a situation in which some companies have dozens of casinos under their care. Whether this is a good or bad development there we are not completely over.