Published on August 20, 2019 in News

The technological developments have followed each other in recent decades so quickly that we would almost forget that most adults have experienced above thirty time that no cell phones existed. It is hard to imagine because our mobile phones have now become such an integral part of our lives. This change has completely accelerated after the possibility has gain access to the internet via the devices. Once this invention was there, the world has changed in fast train.

Until a few years ago, for example, it was not yet possible to gamble through your phone for real money. Now this has actually become the most normal thing in the world. Nevertheless, there are still quite a clarity among people who only have recently become acquainted with this. For them we made this news item with three questions and answers about gambling on your mobile.

Do I get a welcome bonus when I gamble on mobile?

When you visit the website of an online casino via a cell phone, it looks just a little different than via a desktop computer. For example, the menu is often clogged behind a dropdown and other elements have also been omitted to display the website more beautifully on a small screen. What you don't have to worry about yourself is that the range of the welcome bonus is omitted for visitors to the mobile website. We are not aware of any casino where people receive no or another welcome bonus when they decide to gamble on mobile. So you still get the 100% of free money up to 100 euros and 100 free spins when you create an account via mobile eskimo casino.

Is online money deposit via your phone safe?

The next question still have many people. This is also not so strange, because until a few years ago it was often advised to make payments online via your desktop computer and not via mobile. At online casinos who used a mobile app you were sent to an internet browser when you wanted to deposit money through the cashier. This was done because online payments must be made via a secure connection. This is of course to protect your confidential data from abuse. Nowadays this extra safety measure is no longer necessary. Depositing money through your phone is now just as safe as via the PC that you have at home. It is advisable to always use Reliable payment methods.

Does an online mobile casino have other games of chance?

If you know that website looks slightly different on mobile, you can also assume that this is the case with the games of chance that are offered at online casinos. Has a Online Mobile Casino therefore other games of chance in the range. This used to be the case. In the years that the mobile gambling was still in its infancy, most games of chance were not available on your phone. There were then separate versions of the games to be developed that were to play on mobile phones and tablets. Nowadays this is no longer the case. HTML5 encryption can be read by both mobile equipment and desktop computer. However, the classification of the buttons will be slightly different to make playing on a small touchscreen. However, the game offering of modern online games of chance is the same as on a computer on mobile.