Published on December 12, 2017 in News

Keep online video slots but rise in popularity. This is partly because some very progressive developers have come to this in recent years that release innovative games. Most people in one Australia online casino gambling They are of course familiar with the slots of Net Entertainment. This is the largest developer and the provider of most games to European casinos online. However, there are also a number of smaller developers who have their own unique approach to developing online video slots. This keeps the competition sharp. Because the companies do not want to do for each other, they constantly come up with new innovations and you as a gambler picks up the benefits. A developer who is making a quick name and whose video slots can be found at more and more casinos in the gaming offer is betsoft. Here are three reasons why the next time you go online gambling the name of the company founded in 2006 should look up.

Reason 1: Beautiful 3D animations

The property where BetSoft Slots are best known for is the beautiful 3D animations. When starting the game you immediately see that you do not have to deal with a developer here who expires their edge. That a lot of attention has been paid to the animations, of course already indicates that other features of the video slot will also be fine. Moreover, gambling all the more fun if you can play on a slot with beautiful animations that are also in 3D and tell a nice story.

Reason 2: Perfect on mobile

BetSoft has only started in 2006. This is still more than 10 years later than the really large developers in the world of online gambling. However, the late start has its advantages. For example, the games can be played perfectly on mobile. According to the company's website, the final shift was completely made in 2016 and all games are all programmed in HTML5. So it no longer makes no more out of whether you play a lock on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Reason 3: Gambling with Bitcoin

The progress of this final developer is also clear when you hear that this is one of the few video slots that you can gamble with bitcoin. The functionality is only available in online casinos that accept the coin. In the future, this will certainly be going to get more. At this time from all the slots you can gamble with Bitcoin, the betsoft games are by far the best choice.

Casino's Met Videos Lots Van Betsoft

Now that we have made you enthusiastic about the slots of betsoft, you naturally want to know where you can play it. However, you don't have to find that a casino to find the games in its offer. More and more providers agree with us. In addition, gamblers also require that they can play part 2 and at the Copa Slot, among other things. You can go to the following casinos:

Casinoland.. - 13 games (filter under vendors)

dunder - 74 games (Jackpot slots and other games)

Joreels – 15 games (pick your poison filter)