Published on March 15, 2019 in News

Get a quantity of free money to gamble. It is an incredible offer that most people who are just familiar with online casinos but hard to believe it is really true. You can hardly imagine that you come in a casino location and that the man or woman behind the cash register asks you if you want to get another 100 euros free of charge on top of the amount that you want to exchange chips. Of course you don't tell no. Or maybe it's right? When you decide to use a Bonus in the online casinoThen you also agree to the conditions that are attached to this. These can cause any reasons to refuse the offer. In the next news item we give you three examples.

No time to meet wagging

The most important condition that you agree with the adoption of bonus money is the wagon requirement. This has been prepared to prevent people from not taking the free money and let it pay it to their bank account immediately. If this would be possible, everyone would naturally use it. That is why a rule has been drawn up stating that the deposit and bonus must be played at a minimum number of times in the casino before a payout is possible. This is quite a spicy number of times. Certainly when you want to use the full amount of the bonus, you will have to take off here many hours to meet this. If you don't have time for this at all, but just want to take a little free hours a gamble. Then it might be better to see the bonus. Incidentally, this does not necessarily have to be the conclusion, because players often have 30 days the time to meet the Wagering Requirement.

Want to pay immediately

It is therefore possible to continue gambling the next day or day to achieve the minimum number of times playing. There is a good chance that you have a nice amount of profits here. With the right bonus conditions it is therefore worthwhile to put some time here. However, whatever you have to keep in mind is that when you make a profit, you often can't pay it right away. That would therefore be another reason to refuse a bonus. If you immediately know a large amount from the beginning, you want to pay this profit. Then it is a smart idea to refuse the bonus offer. With a number of casinos this is even possible after you have already accepted the offer. Bee eskimo casino This is the case, for example. As long as you still play the money that you have dumped yourself, you can cancel the bonus and request a payout of the profit.

You want to gamble in the live casino

The moment you accept a bonus in the online casino, your complete balance will be seen as bonus money. The amount will only be on your normal balance sheet after you have met the aforementioned Wagering Requirement Condition. This is important to a number of reasons. The first is that your bonus money cannot pay out. It is owned by the casino and only by meeting the conditions, as the minimum number of times played, you can ensure that it is yours and you can also pay the amount. The second reason is that you cannot use bonus money in the casino as you want this yourself. Different games of chance are excluded to meet or bet the Wagering Requirement, but for a small percentage. In addition, there are certain games of chance for which bonus money cannot be used at all. An example with many providers are the games in the live casino. So when you plan to gamble in a live casino, this is also a reason to refuse the bonus.