Published on May 14, 2019 in News

In casinos Online, the video slots are the games of chance with which most people take a gamble. However, the traditional table games also attract many players. Especially the blackjack card game is very popular among gamblers. The popularity can be explained by the fact that a blackjack hand can go into all sides. You take it up in a direct duel against the Casino dealer. All players start with a combination of two cards and can then decide whether they want an extra card, fit, split or double. The decisions that you as gambler take in the game even have a direct influence on the outcome and your chances. For this reason it is good to know what to do or not at the table. You should never do the following three things while playing blackjack.

Split two tens

Let's start with a rule that still violate far too many starting gamblers. Every experienced blackjack player knows that it is a sin to split two tens. In every possible situation is the best decision to fit when you have a total of 20 points before you. It may be tempting to split two tens and hope twice a bait for blackjack. In most cases, however, the opportunity is greater that you lose more than you win. From now on it from now in your head that you never split two ten while playing blackjack.

Insure against blackjack

At the start of every hand in Blackjack, the dealer will share each player who placed a bet two cards. The dealer also shares two cards for himself, one of which is open to the table. If the open card is a bait, you will be offered as a player to insure against a dealer's blackjack. In that case you have to pay half of your placed bet to get the amount back when the second card turns out to be a ten. However, when we deal with how great the opportunity is that the dealer has a blackjack, the costs are not profitable to insurance against this option. Insuring against Blackjack is therefore one of the things that you should never do.

Take decisions on feeling

You will have noticed the first two tips that blackjack is not a standard chance. Although chances are a factor that determines whether your profit or loses, there are various things that you can do as a player wrong. For every decision you take in the game can be determined through a calculation that you can do best. You don't have to do this out every time. Smart heads have already made the calculations all already put in a handy table as part of the blackjack basic strategy. Never take decisions on feeling while playing blackjack, but keep the basic strategy table at hand to find out for every situation what you can do best.

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