Published on March 17, 2022 in News

Roulette is one of the Most popular games in the Australia Online Casino. Most players have sometimes bold a gamble. A gamble at Roulette can fail well, but unfortunately also bad. For example if you go wrong and you lose a lot of money.

Of course Online Roulette is a gaming game where you should be lucky. You should be lucky that the ball is just right and you win. Yet there are also a few mistakes that make players and you can easily prevent it.

We have put the three most made mistakes at online roulette. We hope to warn you so to make these mistakes as a player. This way you prevent all your money through a stupid mistake.

Never put all your money on one number

Of course there are videos on YouTube where players have taken everything on one number and won. The payout of 35 times the deployment is of course super. Imagine that you bet AU$ 1,000 and wins AU$ 35,000. But the chance that this happens is super small!

So never let yourself be tempted to put all your money on one number. Deploying money on a number gives the smallest winks. The chance that this number is 2.7%. In short, the chance is very small that you win.

If you don't win you've lost all your money. This is very sin because with your budget you could have made a profit. Provided you had played strategy with an online roulette strategy. In short, so don't go exuberant gambling and put your complete power on one number. Even with a Parliamentary bonus Is this not worth it.

Never play strategy without a roulette

Most players actually do something when they play roulette. This of course does not guarantee that you really win. If you are lucky you take some profit. But most players are lost their profits fairly quickly.

We therefore always give as a tip to never play without a strategy. The internet is full of strategies that you can use in the online casino. Of course there is no one strategy that gives you a 100% guarantee that you win. But you make more chance to win with a strategy.

The advantage of playing with a strategy is that you better think about your commitment. You prevent so that you lose everything. In short, make sure you are well prepared.

Do not play American roulette

You can simply find American roulette at the online casino games. You even come across him in the Holland Casino. But this doesn't mean you have to play the game. The disadvantage of American roulette is the house advantage. You can lose a lot of money through the house advantage. This is very sin especially if you can skip it.

American roulette has the zero in the game as the only 2 times. With twice the zero in the game, the chance that you lose large. The chance that the zero falls is now twice as large as normal. There are no additional rules to protect the player.

The only difference further with normal roulette is that the numbers have a different order on the wheel. But whether this is really an advantage? This is the question of American roulette.