Published on January 6, 2019 in News

Online casinos are still growing. Every year more people gamble over the internet and more money is getting into the market. The release of new games is faster than ever. Several new video slots are released every month. More and more companies are also involved in the development of games. So there will be money to earn. A gambling category that has grown the hardest in recent years is the ability to to gamble online with live dealers. This is because of an online casino where you can see the dealers and croupiers on your screen via a live video connection. Bodding is done by clicking with your mouse or touching a touchscreen with your finger. The way of playing is very intuitive and will realize everyone. We therefore share three other tips for people who want to play online in a live casino.

Beste live dealer software

Information that is much more important to know is what the best live dealer software is. The presence of these games is also a sign that it is good with the reliability of a casino. There are two software providers for live gambling that protrude with head and shoulders above everyone. This is the evolution gaming and Netent Live software. These are the market leaders in the field of software for online gambling with live dealers. They also have a good name to protect. The software is therefore not just offered to all gambling sites. Almost all respected European online casinos have one of these two software options. Some providers even have a live casino where the game offer from both is available.

With a low limit gambling

When you gamble with a live dealer, the minimum bets will be somewhat higher. So you will not find games that you can already play with minimum installation from 10 cents, like the online versions. This is of course best logical because to make these games of chance possible, of course the salary of the dealer or croupier must be paid. Yet online the limits are still a lot lower than in a casino location in the Australia. Through the internet you can get a very realistic experience with real dealers and not exceed more than 1 euro at a time. Evolution gaming even has various live roulette and blackjack games that you can play with a minimum deployment of 50 cents.

Bonuses and payouts

Also a good live casino tip that relates to the bonuses and payouts. As you may already know Online gambling sites Bonuses away. For example, you can get a quantity of free money. However, where you as a player must take into account is that you cannot use the bonus money at most providers in the live casino. Also count the bets that you do not participate in the bonus release. As a result, if you start immediately after your deposit to gamble live with real dealers, you cannot request payouts. After accepting the free money, the conditions for the minimum bets have been agreed. If you just want to gamble a night in the live casino then you can consider to see the bonus.