Published on December 13, 2019 in News

As we already reported in a news item on our website last month, many casinos are organizing Special promotions in the December month to Christmas. One of the gambling providers online where you can participate in a Christmas promotion Spinia Casino.... And what promotion can we say. Today the first of two Christmas slot races has started. Spread over both races, no less than 100,000 euros and 50,000 free spins are given to prizes. If you start today with gambling on this website, you get the most likely to get rid of this prize pool. The player with most points receives 15,000 euros. The entire top 10 will be rewarded with a cash prize that is definitely worth it.

How do you participate and collect your points?

Participating in the lock races at Spinia Casino is not difficult. Anyone who has dumped money once and used this amount to gamble on one of the slots in the game offer automatically. As you can prepare from the name Christmas Slot Race, it is a requirement that you bet money on a lock. You will then be rewarded with points for the bets you do. For every euro that you bet you will receive 1 point. You don't necessarily necessarily have to use a euro at a time. Ten deployment of 10 cents are also good for a point in the race. At the end of the ride it is therefore viewed which player has managed to collect most points. This person will then receive 15,000 euros on his or her account. That is a Christmas bonus where you can say to you.

Two slot tours in December and January

The name Christmas Slot Race is also a bit misleading. Two slot tonses are organized by the casino. The first was started on Friday 13 December today and runs to New Year's Eve on December 31. Half of the total prize money is given away during the tournament. The prize pool for the lock race that is now active is therefore 50,000 euros and 25,000 free spins. In total 700 participants will receive a prize.

The second tournament played on the slots of Spinia is also starting on New Year's Day. When the first slot race ends then you can immediately continue with gambling. If you have been in prices at the first tournament, you can of course take this money directly to lead to the points classification. Again, 50,000 euros and 25,000 free spins are forgiven in the tournament. Below is how prices are divided.

For example, the 100,000 euros and 50,000 free spins are divided

On the Spinia website you can see exactly what 700 prize winners receive when they end up in the top of the lock races. Of course we are not going to mention all prices here, but we want to give you an idea of how big the prize pool is. You will finish in the top 10 then you will certainly be happy with the price you receive. Below a list with the cash prizes that get the first ten players deposited on their account.

  1. 15.000 euro
  2. 9.000 euro
  3. 6.00 euro
  4. 3.500 euro
  5. 2.500 euro
  6. 1.750 euro
  7. 1.200 euro
  8. 900 euro
  9. 700 euro
  10. 500 euro

Up to 100you are Place received players another cash prize. The participants who end underneath are allowed to try their luck again with a number of free spins at a festive slot with Christmas theme.

Incidentally, cash prizes have a wagon requirement of 3x and the profit from Free Spins must be used 5x. A very low bet requirement that guarantees that you remain a good percentage of profit.